Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Versatility of Victory Rolls

I am a bad blogger.
But I am such a moody cow these days that I just can't be bothered.
With a better mood more inspiration will come. 
I hope.

Anyhoo, this cheered me up. My son thinks my victory rolls are a great home for his lego knights

When I unravelled them at night I actually found a helmet and another sword. Hadn't even noticed half of the day. :-)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Playsuit #1

I have no idea what's going on with blogger -  it wouldn't let me upload pics for days. Still can only upload them one by one.... 
But with my boy's birthday last week I had been very busy anyway - hope to be back again now from my short hiatus. 

I'd been selling my old clothes on Ebay again recently and things went fairly well - so I was able to stock up on some vintage! A few more outfit-posts are to come! 

First I got my hands on this adorable playsuit! Brown is hardly ever the colour of my preference but brown with white polka dots makes me feel like Pretty Woman herself!

I am sure the suit is 80s does 40s vintage but it's a beautiful and comfortable rayon, sits perfectly and was such a bargain. Ever since purchasing I've been kind of living in it.

I also tried all brown accessories - Mr. Bossy got me lovely brown brogues at the market a few weeks ago - but in the end I decided all brown is too much of a Safari look for me. But I like the brown-white scarf with white shoes and a white belt - that's my favourite. 

Note to myself - tie the belt tighter!


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