Friday, 7 January 2011

Style Icon: Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is certainly not an adventurous dresser but she knows what works for her. And she sticks to it. And that makes her a style icon. Furthermore anyone with curves like that is an icon to me as she's someone who proves it does look good if it's all hoisted up :-)

Nigella obviously loves basic little cardigans. Well so do I. A red one like that is one of my staple items in my wardrobe. And I want more! 

Pairing block colours with black seems to be her schtick - whereas it could be quite naff on someone else it really works for her. With those boobs and that bum bold patterns quickly look frumpy and she would look big instead of deliciously curvy. I know what I am talking about, I have a very similar body shape.

Always the same kind of dress but different colours. She really knows what suits her best. And it is a clever tailoring for her body shape - not too tight but cinched in and hoisted up at the right places, she's showing off her slender bone structure around her neckline but cleverly covering her arms.

Naturally I like her best in vintage inspired outfits.
Just perfect for her!

What a beauty. She oozes old Hollywood glamour!

I have quite a girl crush on this woman, always had. I cannot stop looking at her I find her that beautiful. I even find her endless waffling quite endearing. And yes she does play her tricks but looking like that she would be perceived as a sex kitten anyway. Why not play with this image?

I also really like what she does. I love her books, her recipes are just brilliant, her kitchen ware range is just beautiful and did I mention that she is just SO watchable? :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love her syle! I'm obsessed with cooking shows so I watch her all the time. I never noticed how vavavoom she is!

LittleMissBossy said...

You never noticed? I also love cooking shows and I do love to watch hers too - but all her boob wiggling and twinkling her eyes is sometimes quite distracting - I'd consider humping the telly if I'd be a man or into women - ha ha ha.
But I love what she does, she is really good at it and a clever woman.

And thank you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Tits are distracting...sooo much sooo that im distracted writing this

Malin said...

I have a serious crush on ms Lawson - she's one of the most gorgeous women alive..! Luckily my husband agrees and doesn't get too upset about it ;-)

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