Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lena Hoschek inspired low cost outfit

I was actually going to show you many high-res Lena Hoschek A/W 2010 pictures as she is presenting the A/W 2011 collection in Berlin fashion week this Wednesday. But my internet keeps playing up so I leave you with only one gorgeous picture and something to smile about.

Photocredit: Lupis Puma

Look at this most beautiful outfit. Now take this Bon Marche skirt, pair with a white shirt and a black cardi and one of those t-bar shoes. And don't forget a beret (Primark sells berets every year for around £2-4). And et voilà the budget end of the high street provides you a Hoschek inspired style.

All 3 t-bar shoes are from Littlewoods and under £35 - the shoe on the far right is very much on top of my wish list.
Such a low heel is just perfect for me!


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Wow, I LOVE this!! The color play in the skirt is beautiful. You're right, some of the most basic things are so glamorous- a black beret is a staple! :)

Perdita said...

The skirt reminds me of a character skirt from dance school. I've actually lost weight (and gained NO HEIGHT) since my showbiz brat teen years... I wonder if it's still in my mum's attic? That would make the look ultra low cost!!


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