Monday, 24 January 2011

2 outfits and hair of course...

Oh deary me - when I embarked on this revived blog journey a few weeks ago I had (still have) so many blog ideas and I was more than keen to keep up to date with blog browsing and leaving comments. But yet again I underestimated time (or better the lack of). So again I have not more time to do more than a quick outfit post. Within the week I shall return comments and also acknowledge a lovely blog award I have received.
(click to enlarge)

Outfit one day last week, just another combination of my various skirts and cardis.
And of course the trusted outtake  - but could I pose any stiffer?

I am not sure if I like this hair. I kinda do but really I don't. They look more like huge pincurls than victory rolls. Though I do think that it looks cute and playful and like a modern take on it I still reckon it's too cutsey.

This bakelite beauty came with one of the 2 much talked about ebay purchases - this came from the US one.

I wore this yesterday to my friend's little boy's bithday party. 

This red dress with white polkadots from Select I bought ages ago (for literally pennies) via ebay - I was going to wear it at my registry office wedding (which has not happened yet) but I won't anymore. It's a lovely v neck dress with wide straps and beautiful ruching around the waist. I paired a simple white fitted shirt underneath - it looked just perfect to me. I did mention before that I LOVE this Primark cardigan (still there to buy) and the lovely shoes, the very retro heels I have to show another day, are also Primark, but bought a while ago.

And I proudly present my most favourite piece of jewllery. My much much beloved sweater guard (if anyone could tell me how you call it in German I'd be greatful - my mother doesn't know). I am not sure and always open for a lesson in fashion history - it seems to me that they were much more popular in the states than in Europe in the 1950s. Is that correct vintage history buffs?

Also ebayed. I unfortunately lost a faux pearl but never mind, will be easily replaced if I want to.


Perdita said...

I like the hairstyle you have with the blue bow cardigan. It frames your face really well.

Kiki La Mer said...

You look lovely! I really like the victory rolls/pin curls, they look really retro and classic.

Zombie said...

Loving the retro hair look!

Generic Cialis said...

The hair, the way you posted the photos I mean the design it's just perfect keep up the good work with this blog!


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