Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lena Hoschek new collection A/W 2011/12

First of all - thank you so much to all my new followers (that sounds so strange though I quite fancy myself as a deity) - my last few days were quite short of online time so I was surprised to see so many new followers today. Soon I'll have time to check your blogs out!

Lena Hoschel showed her new A/W 2011/12 collection on Wednesday in Berlin at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week.
And it was a great success!
(Personally my heart beats even faster for the previous A/W 2010 collection but the new one is still just beautiful.)
I am loving all the plaid dresses and blouses and the colourful tights but I wish the hemlines would get longer again. Seems to me they get shorter with every collection?
(click to enlarge)

Photocredits: Boris Marberg

Don't forget to stay tuned for my interview with the brilliant designer!


Kim Bombshell said...

I wish she sold in the US!

Dial V for Vintage said...

So pretty! I wouldn't mind having some of those dresses in my closet... :)

viagra without prescription said...

Excellent collection, the combinations are so beautiful.


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