Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The great revelation

Yesterday I made the decision which Mr. Bossy has been trying to convince me of for years. Though for very different reasons. To downsize my wardrobe and sell a whole lot of items that are just sitting there. His reason to urge me on is to have more room and mine are - well mine are obvious. I want to sell so I can buy more vintage. Simple maths.

I rummaged around in my cupboard and actually had quite the revelation. I have no clue why I pussyfooted around committing to daily vintagey outfits because most of my wardrobe is anyway 50s inspired. That said I have hardly any genuine vintage items but I have a ton of big skirts and cardigans. I even have 2 pencil skirts I had for about 13 years but hardly ever wore, I was actually quite excited about 2 particular outfits I found! I always loved the 50s I just never made the concious effort to pair hair with clothes in a vintage style on a daily basis. And as I said before the 40s are new to me.

Personally I like themed outfits or dressing for the occassion. And as Season 2 of Glee (finally) started yesterday in the UK I felt very Emma Pillsburyish today. I went to my regular La Leche League meeting in the morning but even though no glamour is needed there I can still channel a bit of Emma!
Who will be my next featured style icon tomorrow by the way.

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 First I have to say I really need to get a new camera if I keep doing outfit posts because this is just dreadful. And how do I do this when Mr. Bossy is back to work on normal weekdays?
Terrible pics.

This skirt is one of my most beloved items ever. I bought it about 5 years ago at H&M. The red, white and navy flowery print resembles a bit folklore to me and the fabric is a textured cotton which is thick enough in winter and light enough in summer - I wear this skirt quite a lot. The cardigan though is new. Hurrah for Christmas! It's actually Primark but the most perfect little cardigan - navy, a white bow (I ♥ bows) and a perfect 50s cut. Add a little red belt and all good to go!
And yes I am aware that my 90s penny loafers are not the ideal pairing but I love them. I like their weird nerdy grannyish "chic" and they are so bloody comfortable. I do heels only now and then. On heels I can't chase after my cannon ball child, I can't carry and juggle toddler and 15 things safely and simply I just can't survive in them all day.
And brogues I can't count to my possessions yet. But soon.

The lovely new coat is also Primark, cheap as chips anyway but had so many threads fraying (easily snipped off) that they gave me a discount. Mr. Bossy actually found it and chose it - and did I mention I love Christmas? Yes another present or to be precise - the last item I spent the last of my Christmas money on.

Pinned to the new coat is this adorable 1940s brooch. It is just beautiful. Came with the UK sale on Ebay I mentioned in previous posts.

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Vanessa said...

Oh das Mäntelchen ist ja toll :)
Mhmm Primark hat in Gelsenkirchen aufgemacht, da möchte ich unbedingt mal hin, ist ja jetzt nicht soooo weit, aber die Zeit ;)
Zeit um Geld zu haben und dann noch Kinderfrei und dann noch Lust zum shoppen zu fahren ;)
Morgen abend werd ich mal wieder an den Pin Curls versuchen, mal sehen wie es wird. Aber wie die Dinger in deutsch heißen? Ich hab die gekauft unter dem Begriff Lockenklammern.?


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