Thursday, 28 April 2011

Style Icon on screen - Sophie-Anne Leclerq

No post in April yet? Jeez Louise - how the heck did I manage that?

Never mind. Let us indulge in another style icon!
This one is inspired by my most favourite readable trash. I say trash very lovingly because I adore these books but to be honest - of course it's trashy. I am talking about the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris also known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I simply love them. Love with a capital L.

Currently I am reading the series again - for the nth time. The books - 10 so far - are fairly thin so I can easily finish one book a day or at least within 2 days - even read again and again I just can't put them down. I'm indulging in these guilty pleasures AGAIN because I'm eagerly awaiting book #11 which will be released on 3rd of May! 

The books were made into the highly successful HBO series True Blood - but to be honest I cannot stand the series. Yes it does have it's perks, it's very very funny moments, it's clever twists and certainly some eye candy but that's about it. I think I would have loved the series if I'd never laid eyes on the books. But I simply hate how they altered the characters. I am not talking about the plot, I understand some things do and some things don't work on the screen. But Alan Ball has altered the very heart of the charm of the books - the souls of the protagonists. I hate screaming Sookie in True Blood with a passion. A witty and funny heroine on paper but a stupid damsel in distress on screen. Awful.

But that's besides the point - let's focus on the perks. Sophie-Anne's wardrobe! Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the vampire queen of Louisiana, is well cast with Evan Rachel Wood and clearly sports a fantastic dress sense favouring the 40s and 50s. Though portrayed a bit bratty and less elegant than in the books she certainly looks elegant. She is not seen in many scenes but the ones she does star in make it definitely worthwile to watch!

The other perk in True Blood is the casting of Eric - vampire head honcho. Alexander Skarsgard certainly is cast more than perfect and very easy on the eye. To say the least. Though he's clearly my favourite character in the series he still lacks the charm of the same but oh so different character of the books.

Series 3 ended with a fight between the queen and Bill the vampire - when he opened the door to Sophie-Anne in THIS outfit I applauded. I absolutely love this ensemble - for a very short moment - just a glimpse - she reveals the inside - the tealength coat worn over a few petticoats is lined blood red - stunning!

Series 4 will also start soon - and even though I don't like it very much I do have to watch it. And drool over Sophie-Anne's outfits! And Eric.

And on this note I cannot leave unmentioned my old friend Petra, who is an Austrian Fashion designer.  Her label Pebelle will be worn by Tara in Episode 5 (she thinks). Here a little trailer with Tara in a Pebelle shirt (under her coat). I am very proud of my friend!
Check out her blog!


Zombie said...

all white! Very classy!

Pebelle said...

thanks for mentioning my work. QSA is def. a fashion moment in True Blood.

Anonymous said...

I would KILL for that dress-coat!!!

in love said...

I Invite u to me:)


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