Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas is over - Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fabulous christmas!
I was indeed spoilt and spent the day with people I love - and even though I should have spent this year back home in Austria it was still a magical day with the in-laws here in the UK.

Again I have not much time - the small one is stirring and waking up so just a quick post to show you my fabulous frocks I wore on Christmas and Boxing Day - both dresses I have swapped for a gorgeous coat that didn't fit me with my friend Sarah. I love the dresses!

Christmas Day in a green wool dress - I felt very christmassy! And yes there's a birdie coming out of my head!
80s does 40s - totally overdressed on Boxing Day. But I loved it anyway. :-)
Could have done a better job with hair photos though - just rubbish phone pics in the dark hallway...

The upcoming year will be a big one for me - not only will I become Mrs. Bossy and finally get married but I also have a wee little business venture going on. The young Bossy will start proper school which means I will actually brave full time work life again and I also hope that we can add to the family with a baby Bossy. And in terms of vanity I have 4 photoshoots coming up in the first half of the year - plus an engagement and a wedding shoot. Having a bit of an age crisis I do admit that it's good for my ego :-)
I may also get my laptop going again and dive into proper blogging - now that would be something!

I wish you all a wonderful 2012!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Calendar girl again!

Can't belive it's over a month - my last blog post! 
We've been ill on an endless spiral or busy with nativity plays, christmas stuff - etc. etc. I hardly have any online time (apart from 24/7 on my phone :-))!

Hence my lack of posting and spreading the great news that I had the privilege to be a calendar girl once more. I won a voting in November via Facebbok for Pin-Ups in Pinnies - check out their blog, I am currently Pin-Up of the month!

(c) Jez Brown Photography - the pic that won the votes for the Pin-Ups in Pinnies calendar 2013

(c) Jez Brown Photography - the pic featured in the Reckless Girl Calendar 2012

In the new year I will be invited to a photoshoot for a calendar for 2013. Exciting! 
It's Pin-Ups in pinnies - so I am sure it will include pinnies and some sort of baking! Very me indeed!
And quite coincidentally I will be Miss December again - the second pic above is featured in the Reckless Girl Calendar 2012 (now available at Rose-tinted Vintage) as Miss December! 

December is clearly my month! 
It's all the good Christmas Karma - because I love Christmas so much! (she says and is seriously lacking the spirit this year...)

Not the newest news anymore I know and a shame I couldn't post earlier - but I am still very excited about it!


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