Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Retro inspired swimwear

This morning my trusted postman brought me a very charming little packet. My much coveted swimming costume!

Months ago I have blogged HERE about this darling little swim dress from Bon Marche which costs an affordable £20. Well affordable for the average person - not so much for me. So I went - as usual - on an ebay hunt and tracked one down for less and it's as good as new! It is a size too big but never mind. I am such a sucker for navy and white polka dots I just had to have it!

The built-in cups are very bullet-bra like .....
..... and  I was delighted to see that underneath the skirt is peeking a very low cut leg line!

The high street is bursting with vintage inspired swim wear! I had a good look around and really all shops have some kind of wrap-around retro style on offer, a few stores do swim dresses. Even the leg line is cut fairly low on a lot of pieces - though the truly retro looking ones with the lowest cut legs are the priciest!

Now I need a swimming cap to preserve my set!
Again they are very easily obtainable online but as always Ebay seems to be the winner in prize. I'll either look for a yellow one or even better for a daisy one similiar to the picture below!

Add caption

My son got new trunks and floats the other week - so swimming pools here we come!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Quick fix set - video tutorial review

Over at Lina Sofia's fabulous Spiffing Sporadics I came across this little video tutorial.
I was intrigued - you are meant to put an alice band on your head, twist your hair around and et voilà - curls in record time!

I washed my hair, used setting lotion and attempted a wet set with a plain elastic alice band. Indeed the set itself was done in a jiffy - but I had troubles at the back and because my hair is so fine and slippery it just kept coming out again. Instead of the suggested 70s flick at the front I opted for an elevated pin curl with my fringe rolled under. I then had the head band across my forehead which gave me a headache within a minute. I kept on moving it and settled for having it very near my roots - now that was a bad mistake because when I woke up the next day I had the band deeply - really deeply - imprinted in my skin. And bloody hell was that sore. So in the morning I moved it behind the pin curl - like on the picture below. I wish I'd done that straight away because the imprint lasted for 2 days! And it's still a little sore to the touch. I may have very sensitive skin (or head) or my band was just to tight - but I won't be doing it like that again. But on the plus side - it was really comfy to sleep on, much more so than pin curls.

The outcome wasn't bad but certainly not groundbreakingly good. It curled a bit more at the sides but the back was only wavy at the most. I suppose it would be ok for a Veronica Lake peeka-boo look - but for some odd reason I could not brush the curls/waves over my hand - they liked staying very separated. I have to mention that my formerly blue Lottabody setting lotion turned purple in the sun. Maybe it has lost it's magic? Has that ever happened to anyone before?


I did not like the very very flat back, elongated front section and a flat back - that is a style that doesn't suit me.

I also didn't quite like that the ends seemed to be very - strawy. With pin curling you tuck them in and they get curled aswell and I suppose with this method they just get stuffed into the band without actually bending them around.


I didn't trust this set so I decided to do a little Vivian Leigh and pin it back at the front - and I was quite right it only lasted a few hours. By the evening my hair looked like tousled california girl beach hair - which isn't a bad look per se but it's not my kind of look.


And on a different note - maybe it's the summer (well the 3 days of sunshine we had here recently) or maybe I have just watched to much Ugly Betty - I am really into yellow at the moment. I never disliked yellow but I was always quite indifferent to it. I'd never buy anything yellow nor choose a yellow thing. This skirt I only bought 3 summers ago because I just had a baby, could only fit into skirts and it was reduced to a £1 in Primark. And now 3 years later I wear it all the time! I suddenly love yellow!
Maybe it's just my constant sunny disposition! Cough, splutter...

Monday, 27 June 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - 4th time round curiosity shop

This is a blog post I've wanted to get out for months!

4th Time Around is a curiosity cabinet of all things weird and wonderful, from retro tea sets to eye-catching fabrics, statuettes and bric à brac - owned by Sarah Dunn.
After a fair few years of hording, exploring and rummaging, and with Sarah's home now full to bursting at the seams, ‘4th Time Around’ was born.

Each of these unusual items has been lovingly sourced and sold to you in all of their one-of-a-kind, retro, glory! So in the spirit of the great collectors and enthusiasts of the bizarre, ‘4th Time Around’ aims to bring you all the best in oddities and curiosities.

Things to truly treasure and love!
With the unique name Sarah pays hommage to Bob Dylan - she is a huge fan and one of his songs is called "4th time around" - and the pre-loved items are possibly on their way to their 3rd, 4th or 5th home!

Sarah's also quite an artist - the logo is her own design

The 4th time curiosity shop trades at all kinds of vintage events in and around Bedford - like the Flitwick Fayre and the Bedford Vintage Market (more about this in a different post).

The 4th time round curiosity shop trades all kinds of... curiosities!

Stall at the "We are Bedford" event

At the Bedford Handcrafted and Vintage Market with Kat of Rose-tinted vintage

At the Originate Fayre in Flitwick
This beautiful set of crockery is sold - but there's lot's more to be found in the 4th time round curiosity shop!

Sarah herself is quite a dazzling character and certainly one to look out for in the vintage scene in Bedford. She lives the vintage lifestyle , her home is full of retro furniture and her wardrobe is fit to bursting with vintage clothing! In her own words: "I really love the look of the 1940’s so prim & proper but so very, very glamorous. I’m always running around in a ‘nice dress’ and love to find one off’s in charity shops, although I generally customise all my clothes. I love local places like Bletchley Park & Shuttleworth and the Twinwoods Festival as I get a chance to really dress up and meet like minded vintage loving people!"

Sarah with one of her elaborate daily looks

There's even more to Sarah - she's also quite an accomplished vintage stylist and is setting up her own styling business - but this new venture deserves it's own post. So stay tuned!


Friday, 24 June 2011

Breastfeeding Awareness Week

It was breastfeeding week in the UK this week and I'd like to raise awareness within the vintage blogosphere!
I know there's a lot of preaching out there but it IS a really good thing - something I am quite passionate about.

Have a look at this most fantastic video - vintage mummys doing breastfeeding burlesque! I cannot tell you how much I love the video - though I'd prefer it without the Big Brother guy!

I am an active La Leche League member - a support organisation whose praises I can't sing high enough. And there's a new exciting thing going on - in many of the Sure Start Centres across central Bedfordshire they are doing so-called Baby Brasseries - friendly drop-in groups where mummy can sit, chat and eat cake, baby or toddler can play, mummy can breastfeed without inhibition and there is always a trained peer supporter to help onsite. Have a look at your local Sure Start Centre for your weekly Baby Brasserie!

In my local one we celebrated the breastfeeding week today - several mums brought amazing bakery and yummy stuff and the staff of the centre provided the most relaxing massages for mums and babes!

Boobie cupcakes - my culinary contribution to the breastfeeding awareness week 2011

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Vintage Fayre in Flitwick

The Flitwick Originate Creative Craft and Vintage Fayre is on again!
The second one I had to sadly miss but I hope I can pop in again on the 9th of July.

If you happen to be a crafter or a vintage seller - a stall costs £15 and she's not fully booked yet, e-mail Donna at Admission for the public is free!
Flitwick is a village in Bedfordshire north of junction 12 on the M1 so in easy reach for all around!
HERE's how you get there and more info about the location!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Reinventing frumpy clothes

I am - like every other vintage loving gal - very partial to charity shops. Apart from the odd gem here and there you find a lot of frumpy looking grandma stuff from the 80s - but said items have huge potential. Shortening hems and sleeves, nipping the waist in or just a different use than intended - all great ways to give granny chic a new lease of life.

When my Dad came to visit the other week he brought me an old blouse which once belonged to my late Nan. My family thought I would like it because it looked "vintagey" - and quite right they were!

This blouse is very typically 80s - crinkly rayon, baggy cut, no collar, long wide sleeves and no shape at all - but indeed a very 40s-esque print! At first I wanted to give it to charity because it was just wrong on me (or anyone else for that matter) but I couldn't do it because it was my Nan's.
And this morning I tried to tie it at waistlevel - a style I always thought I'd look absolutely hideous with. Well I don't think I did  - not with high waisted trousers anyway. Granted those are not ideal but I am on the hunt for white ones at the moment - black ones would be better than my grey ones aswell of course.

click to enlarge
Please excuse these badly lit pics - we tried to get a pic in without my son hopping into the frame and before we could take pics in the park my camera broke again... Blogging really isn't easy without a camera or your own computer...

And I finally found a garment that goes with my peach scarf my mum gave to me!
I have not quite decided if I like peach on me or not - I am not sure if it accentuates my paleness or if it simply drains me.

Anyhoo - I dress vintagey every day and I always get stares but this outfit today was quite the show stopper - though I also got a really nice compliment so it's definately coming out again!

By the way - these lovely little wedges I purchased from Littlewoods!
I know catalouge shopping is a bit tacky but I really love it. If you look carefully you always find something great and it's so gentle to the wallet - I like a quick fix retail therapy I can pay in small installments! These great white shoes I found in the teenage section of all places! I have tiny feet...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Vintage Beauty Pageant

Fancy being a beauty queen?
A vintage beauty queen to be precise?

Check this competition out! I myself have not quite decided yet if I'll take part but I shall make my mind up in the next few days!

You have time until the 20th of June to send a picture in - dressed to the nines in your favourite vintage gear and of course don't forget hair and make-up!
Find Twinwood Events on Facebook and like 'em - they will upload your pic to a dedicated album and make sure you get people to "like" you. The beauty with the most votes wins!

Click the pic to enlarge for more details!

More info about the festival to be read HERE.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Twinwood Festival

I can't believe I haven't gotten round yet to blog about this event!
THE event on my hometurf!

The Twinwood Festival is a huge 1940s and 1950s music and dance event dedicated to Glenn Miller!
And this year is a very special one because it's the 10th anniversary! I've been living in this area for a while now but I have never made it there, can you believe it? Last year I had visitors, the previous years I'd been to Austria or just plainly out of money. But this year I am more than determined to go! Come what may!

The festival is from the 27th of August until the 29th of August and takes place in Clapham, which is a village very near Bedford. It is also the home of the Glenn Miller museum, Glenn Millers history with Bedford and Clapham is so very intriguing - read HERE more about the background.

The festival will provide non-stop live music throughout the days and nights with various dancefloors to hop around to swing, jazz, jive and rock'n'roll from our favourite eras the 40s and 50s!
And of course countless stalls with vintage clothing and accessories, make-up and hairstyling, etc. I am also very excited about the fashion shows, air displays, re-enactors and all the living history around!

Another great excitement for this year is the attempt to break the Guinness World Record at the world largest swing dance! This will happen on Sunday the 28th at approx. 7.30 pm in the main arena.
Come and hop along!

Please have a look at the website for the brilliant line-up, more information about ticket prices and the campsite and don't forget to check out the photo gallery!

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

(c) Twinwood Events

All pictures are courtesy of  Twinwood Events and were all taken at the Festival 2010!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon

With a jumpsuit! Now that actually calls for a bad pun...

Following fashion trends has never been my thing no matter what era or what style I prefered over the years. And jumpsuits are certainly a trend that EVERYONE seems to follow - young girls, teenagers, women, bloody everyone is wearing them. The natural thing for me would be to totally dismiss it but I have to admit I rather like them. There are so many out there it's hard to decide.

I chose one via Littlewoods - obviously because of the polkadots!

Even though a short one would be much more 40s I went for a long legged one. I wear skirts nearly all the time - frankly I 'm quite sick of them. Even though the suit is so not authentic vintage looking I think with the right hair and accessories (yes to my vintage brooch, not so much my very modern Hello Kitty watch) it has quite a nostalgic feel to it.

Suit is from Littlewoods (came with a yellow belt), so are the red wedges, I paired an old H&M t-shirt underneath and I hardly ever go out without my trusted red Primark cardigan.

The suit doesn't only look like a giant pyjama it also feels like one. It is so super comfy I don't ever want to get out of it. The downside - it is so not flattering and makes me rather look humongous around my mid area. But what the heck if I look like a whale, at least I look like a cute one!

Polkadots, victory rolls and vintage jewellery - that will do for me!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Being a good housewife 50s girl - freebie list

Which I am so not. Capital NOT.
I hate tidying, I am chaos personified and I am really unorganised. Really.
It is on most part of my life also the cause of a lot of friction between men and me. Most important between THE man and me. Mr. Bossy.

Everey few months I make a new resolution to be more tidy and more organised. It works for a little while and then I go back to my messy ways. Like now. At the moment I have just finished cleaning all bathrooms but instead of getting on with our bedroom I decided to rather write about cleaning. Makes sense, no?

In my kitchen I have hung up 2 lists which are meant to help me get more organised during the day and week. Both are filled in with my daily or weekly chores. It's up to your guess if I really stick to them. You've propably guessed right there. I don't. But I try!

Those lists were heavily inspired by this faboulus post by Brittany of Va-Va-Voom-Vintage and the cute drawings are free images from this beautiful and ever so lovely blog. If you are interested in this list - feel free to drop me a comment and I send you a better printable version.


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