Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Quick fix set - video tutorial review

Over at Lina Sofia's fabulous Spiffing Sporadics I came across this little video tutorial.
I was intrigued - you are meant to put an alice band on your head, twist your hair around and et voilà - curls in record time!

I washed my hair, used setting lotion and attempted a wet set with a plain elastic alice band. Indeed the set itself was done in a jiffy - but I had troubles at the back and because my hair is so fine and slippery it just kept coming out again. Instead of the suggested 70s flick at the front I opted for an elevated pin curl with my fringe rolled under. I then had the head band across my forehead which gave me a headache within a minute. I kept on moving it and settled for having it very near my roots - now that was a bad mistake because when I woke up the next day I had the band deeply - really deeply - imprinted in my skin. And bloody hell was that sore. So in the morning I moved it behind the pin curl - like on the picture below. I wish I'd done that straight away because the imprint lasted for 2 days! And it's still a little sore to the touch. I may have very sensitive skin (or head) or my band was just to tight - but I won't be doing it like that again. But on the plus side - it was really comfy to sleep on, much more so than pin curls.

The outcome wasn't bad but certainly not groundbreakingly good. It curled a bit more at the sides but the back was only wavy at the most. I suppose it would be ok for a Veronica Lake peeka-boo look - but for some odd reason I could not brush the curls/waves over my hand - they liked staying very separated. I have to mention that my formerly blue Lottabody setting lotion turned purple in the sun. Maybe it has lost it's magic? Has that ever happened to anyone before?


I did not like the very very flat back, elongated front section and a flat back - that is a style that doesn't suit me.

I also didn't quite like that the ends seemed to be very - strawy. With pin curling you tuck them in and they get curled aswell and I suppose with this method they just get stuffed into the band without actually bending them around.


I didn't trust this set so I decided to do a little Vivian Leigh and pin it back at the front - and I was quite right it only lasted a few hours. By the evening my hair looked like tousled california girl beach hair - which isn't a bad look per se but it's not my kind of look.


And on a different note - maybe it's the summer (well the 3 days of sunshine we had here recently) or maybe I have just watched to much Ugly Betty - I am really into yellow at the moment. I never disliked yellow but I was always quite indifferent to it. I'd never buy anything yellow nor choose a yellow thing. This skirt I only bought 3 summers ago because I just had a baby, could only fit into skirts and it was reduced to a £1 in Primark. And now 3 years later I wear it all the time! I suddenly love yellow!
Maybe it's just my constant sunny disposition! Cough, splutter...


Lina Sofia said...

Yes...It's not the best is it! The second time I tried it with an actual elastic alice band it just popped off in the night and I woke up with my hair straight! :( Unfortunately it was too good to be true eh! With all the rain we've been having, i just can't be bothered to pin curl considering it falls out as soon as I go outside!

Oh and I also love yellow! I've also been indifferent to it and have always thought it doesn't suit me, but suddenly now I love it! I mostly have accessories in yellow so far though. Love you hair flowers!

Zombie said...

You always have the best hair! :)

Dayhomemama said...

It looks gorgeous with the yellow flowers!!! Thanks for sharing that video, I am gonna give the hair a try, I love that look and in the summer, my hair curls so this is brilliant!

LittleMissBossy said...

Thank you all!


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