Sunday, 9 January 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Part I

I am so excited! I have blogged more this year than the whole of 2010! Last year was a shit year. Excuse my french but that's about it in a nut shell. Big things should have happened, crap things happened instead.
Also reason why I didn't feel like blogging or sharing.

So 2011 will be better, I am SO motivated. I'll turn my life around, I'll get more organised, life will be great again! I am currently giving myself a make-over (much blogged about already) - but also in attitude. I will share more about this in the future.

The blog also had a revitalisation and I am so buzzed about it. It gives me great motivation and within the last month I gained over 30 followers - silly thing to make you happy but it does, just last week over 20!
In 2010 I really didn't want to craft, didn't know what to blog about, thought I never get to my vintage goals anyway... I shan't drone on about 2010 anymore I promise!

And now I have so many ideas for the blog up my sleeve, my mind is boggling! I am planning quite a few series, the style icon series I have already started, I want to feature vintage blog heroes but also real life ones I find locally and the one I am most excited about I am starting with this post:
Home is where the vintage heart is!
I'll source local (or surrounding area, I don't live in a big city) vintage sellers/shops/venues and blog about them to promote and spread the vintage love - the series will start with a fayre I am going to tell you about in a minute, then a vintage seller in Bedford I have already chatted to about it, a burlesque shop in Bedford and also the Bedford Burlesque Club. Soon you'll know more!
I also plan lot's more hair posts, maybe even day to day wear and let's not forget a pinch of baking and crocheting! I think I like my main focus on vintage but I really don't want to forget my love for kawaii!

Ok enough rambling. Let's get to the point!
I was so excited to find out about this:
ORIGINATE, creative craft and vintage fayre

click to enlarge

Flitwick is a village very near me and nearly all my in-laws happen to live there! So it's kind of my home turf!
The fayre in the village hall is combining crafting with vintage clothing sellers - seriously this is paradise for me! I found out too late about it otherwise I would get myself a stall to sell a bit of my own crochet stuff and whip up some 40s snoods as my very own vintage inspired part to sell. But with the sleeping troubles my little boy is going through at the moment there is just no way to crochet enough. But never mind the lovely lady who is organising this great event told me there will be another one in April if this one goes well.
So please come, browse and buy!

If you happen to be a crafter or a vintage seller - a stall costs £15 and she's not fully booked yet, e-mail Donna at Admission for the public is free!
Flitwick is a village in Bedfordshire north of junction 12 on the M1 so in easy reach for all around!
HERE's how you get there and more info about the location!

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