Saturday, 8 January 2011

How to do vintage inspired hair in a few minutes - with straight hair!

I have dead straight hair. I am taking to the idea of pin curling my hair more often and sleeping on the set but I still doubt I will do it every three days.
Apart from that - I have serious difficulties in showing up in time for all our morning appointments as it is. And I go to toddler playgroups most mornings - though I always had a tendency to overdress and for sure have no problem with this - big curls or rolls at playgroup is even a bit too much for me :-)

So what's the solution? Rosie is!

Rosie the Riveter was an American feminist icon during WWII - she represented the female factory workers who took over the predominantly male roles in the factories while the men had gone to war. This image by J. Howard Miller became associated with Rosie but originally she was a fictional character in a song. Nevertheless is THIS picture the inspiration for many!

And the Rosie style is so easy to do - a much closer interpretation I have shown HERE but it took much more effort than today.
This is an even easier version.

This is obviously no make-up tutorial - I looked after my friends kids today so yours truly sans make-up was good enough for the kiddos!

And this is all you need:
(click to enlarge pics)

I normally tie a much smaller square scarf folded into a triangle around my head - this quite long and large vintage beauty was a lovely gift from Mr. Bossys sister and her fiancee (who is very much into vintage herself hence the great resourcing - I think the scarf is from the 80s, polkadots were very trendy then aswell, the brand is St. Michaels). The long long shape was a new thing for my head. You'll also need a hair band, a few kirby grips and some of those hair clips (how do you call them?)

Tie your hair into a high ponytail, if you don't have a fringe/bangs leave out a small section at the front.
Put the fringe or the section of hair back into a pompadour, if teasing is needed - well tease happily away, secure with kirby grips (I put them criss cross).
Part the ponytail in many smaller sections, roll each section around your finger and pin down with those black clips (or whatever you prefer - any clip will do, I find those hold up the best and are so easy to use, easier than kirby grips).
Fold the scarf in half and tie around your head, let it sit right behind the pompadour and right behind your ears. I like to secure it with a few kirby grips. Today I tied the scarf twice around my head as I didn't need to dress up, but I also like a big bow on my head!

Et voilà - done in just a few minutes. With this look I like it if it looks a bit messy, stray hair is fine to me.
It adds to the playfulness of that look methinks!


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the sweet compliments! It's nice to see a fellow vintage, curvy momma---with naturally straight hair! *lol* Mine only curls when I pin curl it! I have even tried a professional perm and it doesn't work! Scarves and snoods are a vintage mommy's best friend. If it weren't for snoods, I don't know how I would leave the house. Sometimes, I spray on some diluted lottabody (1/2 water, 1/2 lottabody), blow dry completely dry, then use hot rollers. The lottabody seems to help the curl stay longer than just hairspray. I agree with you about being over-dressed for play dates. The other moms must think I'm insane! *hehe*
take care, sweets!

Lena said...

ohhh I love this look! Gotta try it out, thanks!!


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