Sunday, 16 January 2011

Granny chic on a budget

Buying more genuine vintage will be a slow process. First of all they are not that easily obtained here and genuine garments from the 40s and 50s are just too expensive at the moment. 70s/80s does 40s/50s is a good start for me but nevertheless still a slow one.
But I do want to expand my wardrobe with a few more staple items like a plain multi-functional tweed skirt or/and classic trousers. And let's not forget more knits. More. And more. I love knits!

And then I had an epiphany! Where do grannys go and buy their granny clothes? Grannys must be on a budget considering their small pensions, right? Apart from the obvious - charity shops - I thought the en vogue place for grannys in Bedford must be Bon Marche. It think it's THE granny shop. So I had a browse through on their website - and I was so surprised!

Not only is it really affordable, I really like it.

A selection of tops and blouses currently on offer:
(click to enlarge all pictures)

I was quite surprised to find pretty skirts

These tweed skirts make my heart beat faster. Must go and get one!
The plain black pencil skirt is just £4 at the moment - clearance sale!

I like these very classic trousers

Surely that awful belt in the middle must be detachable...

Of course Bon Marche offers lovely old lady knits - I dig them

But also surprisingly interesting pieces!

I love this peter pan collar sweater and quite like the ruffle collar on the right

Great dresses!

Some more interesting looking ones

The coats are also worth to be looked at

And I absolutely adore these swimsuits!
I am really not one for a bikini and I like plain nautical swimsuits. They are perfect!

The swim dress is so darling I must go and get one!

BON MARCHE has a clearance sale going on at the moment!
All items shown are below £20 (with the exception of I believe 3 dresses and the coats) and quite a few are under £10.
It is really worth looking at!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I must be a granny, I love these!

Ex said...

My problem: i would look like a real granny.
Really. Its horrible. I have to look what i wear :(

(i adore phase8 to be honest)

Perdita said...

Love the swimming costumes! There are a few granny old-style department stores and an indoor market near me (Uxbridge) - granny clothes heaven!

Kiki La Mer said...

Girl, you've got style!
I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award!
Go here to see my post about it -

Helen said...

I got my daughter a cardi with a bow decoration and pearls that I think counts at Asda v cheaply - but this was not locally, if there is one up your way worth looking

rosie-alia said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog and I am definitely going to keep reading!
Thanks for the pointer on Bon Marche, I absolutely am IN LOVE with that darling swim dress!


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