Monday, 3 January 2011

Why I never forgive Drew Barrymore

 Now don't get me wrong. I love Drew Barrymore. She's one of my most favourite celebrities. She's a few years older than me and has been since the 90s one of my most influental style icons. She's one adorable tomboy and still does being glamorous so well. She's been through a lot, she's a clever woman and she's so quirky - that's what I love most about her.

Chris O'Donnell and Drew Barrymore in Mad Love 

When she was in Mad Love I kind of worshipped her. I had a very similar haircut (though dyed black) and let's face it - grunge was cool in the 90s. But I had a mono brow. I didn't exactly resemble Frida Kahlo but nevertheless it wasn't a pretty sight. So what did I do? I copied Drew Barrymore. She was cool, remeber?

Drew in the 90s - famous short do and look at those brows!
I loved them. Past tense I hasten to add. Past tense.

I don't say this very often but I should have listened to my parents. My dad kind of cried over my lost bushy brows because he liked them and my mother in wise knowledge predicted what had happened to her. But I didn't believe her. She warned me that they won't grow back. Of course I didn't believe her - there's a whole business out there. Why would women go on about plucking, threading, tweezing or what the heck else they do with their brows if they never grow back anyway?
Well she was bloody right. Apparently in our family they indeed don't grow back.

Drew in more recent pictures - and with beautiful full brows all grown back.

And that's why I never ever forgive Miss Barrymore. It's all her fault. I'm stuck with her 90s brows and she's got them full, pluckable and shapeable.
I do still love her though. Why? She's a great gal, not only in attitude but also an icon fashion-wise (she has fun with fashion, her quirkiness always shines through and she's also one who can do vintage effortlessly). And I know this legendary moment a good 15 years ago was propably very much drug induced but still just unforgettable. And she's cleaned up her act since then!

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Hi there. Thanks for the comment on my blog. =D It was really sweet. In answer to your question: I'm 5'3. =] Hope that helps - swing trousers are the best. =]
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