Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mr. Bossy has a Doppelganger

In the Mad Men world Don Draper is of course the uber-uber-sexy alpha male. And yes I do find him very attractive. But more than having the hots for Don Draper I have an especially soft spot for Harry Crane. He actually warms my heart. Why is easily explained. The resemblance to Mr. Bossy is SO uncanny it makes me chuckle every time I see Harry Crane.

And the oddest thing - Mr. Bossy has never seen Mad Men, when I showed him the pictures he does not see it himself. Mr. Bossy has been sporting this hair style for years, always had similar glasses and used to have a tendency towards retro fashion though abandoned this a bit in the last few years. Both also have a very similar eye colour and the same cute dimples when they smile!

For those of you who know neither - on the left is Harry Crane, a character played by the actor Rich Sommer in the series Mad Men. And on the right is my very own Mr. Bossy.

Mr. Bossy not quite sober anymore but Harry Crane still looking fresh

A fan and Rich Sommer as Harry Crane at a party and Miss and Mr. Bossy also at a party. Not the same :-)

Seriously. I find this so hilarious.
If Mr. Bossy ever gets famous (most likely as a politician, can't see him rise to fame for anything else) and needs an actor to portray him - well Rich Sommar is the man.


Pebelle said...

hahahahahaaha, how cool. I never saw this similarity untill now. great. right in the middle of season III- love it. reminds I have to go back watching.

pinupcandy said...

wow, he is identical!!! Congratulations. Please, visit my blog.


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