Monday, 10 January 2011

Sod it!

2 Posts ago I was blabbing on about big curls for playgroup are too much. But if the fabulous Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street can do a VIDEO on how to be glamorous in hospital after giving birth (seriously - how loveably crazy is that?) I can most certainly do curls at playgroup.
So I thought sod it and pin curled my hair last night.

With only my second try I have already learned so much now thanks to all the great blogs out there. This time I didn't do it as tight and didn't roll it up too close to my head. And there you go - no afro but beautiful curls all ready to go! Actually brushing out curls and shaping them around my hand is much more relaxing and easier than trying to get a pretty ponytail up on my head - so really not more effort than usual on a monday morning.

The pictures I took around lunchtime after I was already out and about for a while - by then the curls drooped a bit but not much.

As mentioned before I only started my vintage journey so dressing accordingly every day means pulling out what is (or passes as) vintage inspired. These very old slacks from New Look are so much more comfy than tight jeans and are my most wide-legged pair of trousers. For now they work. The cardigan is a newer aquisition from Oasis, when I bought it I wasn't sure about the colour, I normally wear block colours, but surprisingly the colour enhances my paleness in a beautiful way and does not wash me out as I had feared.
And look how beautifully my engagement ring has caught the light!

For the outtake gallery - my little gnome really tries to get in all the pictures. To get one just by myself is a matter of milliseconds and good luck. I actually need to find a good spot for the self timer. Today Mr. Bossy was home but usually by the time he gets home it's so dark that my crappy old camera only manages the most horrendous pictures with a flash.

You may have noticed the brooch I am wearing.
I ebayed a little while ago two lots (estate sales) - one by one I will show you all of my treasures.

This flower pin came all the way from the states. I am in love with it, I wear it nearly every time I wear something black.

I might aswell also show you the other flower pin from the same sale which is currently pinned to my black coat.

I never cared much for jewllery. If it wasn't made from plastic and shaped like a strawberry or apple. Or any other fruit. Or like Hello Kitty. I always said to everyone - the day I like jewllery I start getting old. Well I must be really getting old now not only the wrinkles slowly emerging are proving this but also my new obsession with vintage costume jewllery. I am in love with goldtone brooches, sweater guards, glove and scarf clips mostly from the 40s and 50s. SO beautiful! I always appreciated art deco jewllery because my mother always had a thing for it but I myself was never interested in it. But that's my next exploration after fashion and accessories - the history of jewllery.


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!! I'm going to have to check out her video for looking glamorous after giving birth! With my first, I looked -awful- of course, it was about 1 in the morning so I guess I can't be faulted too much. I think this time, I'll at least pack a pretty nightgown to change into after the baby is born!

Vanessa said...

Ich finde den Cardigang klasse :) Der würde mir auch gefallen, aber hier findet man ja kaum was.
Bin auch schon mal hier durch ein paar Secondhandläden gestreift, aber nix zu finden und ebay finde ich im Moment sehr teuer, für meinen Geldbeutel ;)


Vanessa said...

Achja ich hab jetzt auch ein Vintageblog ;) Hatte mich auch mal in pin curls gemacht, aber ich brauch da noch etwas Übung :)

ღ Moni.Ka ღ said...

Wo sind bitte deine deutschen Texte geblieben? muss ich wegen Dir wieder englisch lernen *augenroll*...
verstehe hier nur noch Baaaaaaaaaaaaahnhof.....
und ich lese doch so gerne hier....
jetzt gucke ich nur noch Bilder an
*ganz dolle schmoll*

die Bilder sind ein traum....super hübsch biste da

lg Moni

Englisch lernen said...

Nice pictures i love it. that's called united and brotherhood i like it too much...

Englisch lernen


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