Thursday, 10 February 2011

Style Icon on screen - Charlotte "Chuck" Charles

Pushing Daisies is in my opinion one of the best series ever made. I intsantly fell in love with all the characters and could not help smile all the way through every episode. Unfortunately there are only 2 seasons. It got such praise by the critics, many emmy nominations and wins but the ratings dropped. Why? 
What a shame!

Costume designer Robert Blackman and the whole creative team did such an inspiring job - it's a colourful feast for our eyes! Indeed it's a visual explosion of bright colours in warm tones - the majority is shown in reds, oranges or yellows and there's virtually no blue seen. Often you can see circular background shapes and round windows - they even shot most frames within circles - it was all done reminiscent to storybooks. Absolutely beautiful I say.

And then there's my own personal highlight. Chucks wardrobe.

Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (nearly all characters have aliterative names) is the female lead and has a distinctive eye for a vintagey wardrobe. She especially likes the 50s and occassionally dabbles in the 60s but is always such a gorgeous little thing to look at. The actress Anna Friel is one stunning woman!

(My laptop is broken - remember? So no picture collages, just a few plonked on here - just like that)

If you haven't seen Pushing Daisies yet - go on and watch it! This is a very limited selection of her wardrobe - I promise Chuck Charles and her bright dresses, her perky demeanor and quirky ideas will make you smile!


Brittany said...

I just finished watching season 2 and loved it!! I have it on my Netflix instant queue so I'll probably go back and watch it again. Her wardrobe is so inspiring!

rosie-alia said...

I agree with you...this programme is absolutely one of the best I've ever seen! If not THE best! I instantly fell in love with it. It's storybook nature, the way it deals with a rather gruesome plot basis in such a beautiful, funny and ethereal way....and of course, Chuck's wardrobe! xxx

Lina Sofia said...

yeah I loved how quirky and funny it was! And gorgeous clothes of course :)

Juju at Tales of said...

Her fashion was so cute. I miss her!

xlpharmacy said...

Beautiful dresses I would like to know if you posted dresses like to go to the beach.


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