Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photoshop up but camera down!

Seriously. Is this sod's law or what? I have now photoshop on Mr. Bossys PC and will upload a good handful of outfit and hair posts of recent weeks over the next few days starting tonight - but now my camera is down! My toddler - again! - broke off the capture button. Seriously. I need to get a new camera. But first I hope Mr. Bossy can fix the old one again and Bossy junior needs his own camera!

And my phone takes dreadful pics, look at this!

But I rather love my "new" vintage scarf which I think is genuinely 50s. Also in the background you can spot a little teaser for the upcoming give away!

1 comment:

Lina Sofia said...

you look lovely!! Look forward to seeing your outfit posts! I have the same problem with lack of camera... it's so annoying to post grainy pics, but what can you do! :) x


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