Friday, 18 February 2011

Pimp my coat

For months I'd been trying to hunt down a nice vintage coat for a reasonable price. Always unlucky - lost the auctions, wrong sizes or wrong cuts. I do love the look of swing coats but in reality they just don't suit me, I need something more tailored. If my waist is not cinched in I look like I'm wearing a tent. Tough luck.

So here's my solution. Take my old but well fitting dreary Primark coat with only half of the original black plastic buttons (I kind of lost one a day in the last few weeks) and exchange them for some vintage buttons!

Actually already not so dreary anymore with my beautiful vintage brooch pinned on.

Successfully I found these beautiful original 50s buttons on Ebay.

The buttons I used for the coat in detail

Et voilà - a perfectly fitting coat with a vintage twist!

The other day someone asked me if I found my "vintage" coat on Ebay. So I guess - result!


Missy Vintage said...

I am in the process of doing exactly the same thing. Just waiting for the right buttons to come up on ebay x

Kitty said...


titantina said...

Beautiful betty paige bangs!

Und tolle Idee mit dem Mantel. Ich mach Ähnliches mit alten Flohmarktmöbeln,die ich restauriere und dann mit Vintage Knäufen verschönere.

LG Tina

Lina Sofia said...

love those twisty buttons! good solution! I've been hunting myself for the perfect vintage coat... so far with no result!

xl pharmacy said...

That is a beautiful coat, and in black looks even better.


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