Thursday, 31 May 2012

Confessions of a drama queen

It's been half a year since I have blogged. 6 flippin' months. Such a long time that the changes here on blogger are totally alien to me. Help! 
In these 6 months so much has happened and I wasn't ready to share. I have a tendency of playing austrich during a depression. But I suppose it's time to get my head out of the sand. 2012 should have been a great year and it started great but soon after my life had come crashing down on me. So many times I had wanted to share on here and wrote mental novels but in the end I never did. And now I don't want to write a novel about it and take apart every single bit of emotion.  So just the very short version - Mr. Bossy had cancelled our wedding.
The important thing is - we've made it through and we are still together albeit not married. I don't think we've yet come out the other end but we're on our way there. We've caused my family a lot of hurt and financial trouble and inconvenience with the cancellation and we were both truly sorry for this. But it was something he had to do and I have come to understand why and I also think in the longer run it was for the better.

Another thing that had been depressing me for the past 6 months is a flippin' chronic allergic eye infection and eczema and/or psoriasis. For half a year now I've been wearing full time glasses. Granted they are fantastic glasses from Dead Men's Spex but no make-up. Or hardly ever. And if I wore make-up I'd regret it soon because it drives me frickin' crazy. After many appointments at the GPs and a long wait for a referral I finally have an appointment with the eye clinic in hospital in about a weeks time. Yay! Am still waiting for a referral for allergy testing and the dermatologists....

It is so very boring not to wear make-up. Hair spray is also a no no for me these days. Hence my decision to cut a fringe so I can leave my hair down just like that and still look how I like to look. It also covers up the alopecia caused by the eczema/psoriasis. I now feel like Rachel Berry off Glee - with my pretty mostly polka dotted dresses, alice bands and long straight hair and a fringe (bangs). Certainly got a nose to match hers!

Ok enough moaning done. I do hope my superficial vain problems will be sorted soon - the Twinwoods event is happening in the very near future and this year I've entered the beauty pageant. Purely to pick my moany old vain self up. So girlies - I'd be really grateful if you'd vote for me. You have to like the Twinwoods Event page first (that's a condition so votes count) and then like my pic. Thank you so much!

Having finally updated my blog feels really good! Really really good! Soon more to come!


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