Friday, 14 January 2011


Please excuse the waffling this might be a very non-interesting post but I had a comment on Facebook yesterday in which a dear old friend was criticising me for copying style and loosing my own style.
And dear old friend when you read this - I was and am not affronted, I think it's great if we can talk about things openly but nevertheless it made me think so I want to comment on it officially :-)

I was quite baffled by this comment as I didn't understand it.
Who am I copying? Emma (see previous post), other vintage ladies, other blogs? After asking her she told me she misses the old funky colourful Little Miss Bossy who used to mix trends and retro in a very own way.
I still didn't understand because I don't have the feeling that I lost this but tastes and styles evolve over the years just like my mind evolves. You can also broaden your fashion horizon, no?

I have been gone from my home country for nearly 6 years and I guess I keep forgetting that. My dear old friends don't see me very often and are all completely missing out on the biggest influence in my life - my child. My personal style had already drastically changed when I left home (I changed haircolour to find a job faster) and also when I met Mr. Bossy shortly after. It was not neccessary anymore to dress that "loudly". I also lost a lot of weight and suddenly fit into high street stuff. This was exciting. There was no need anymore to customise things I could just go out and buy them!
But of course my good friends from back home always kept the memory and did not see me change or better evolve first hand.

In May 2008 I blogged THIS - so this whole changing of style is not a sudden thing. But I went home for visits in between, my friend in question saw me a few times in recent years. Some of the pics in my header are from 2007. I was honestly very surprised by her comment to say the least.

And then when I went to bed it dawned on me what she meant and I understood. I guess her point was if I'd go authentic vintage, which is based on other women of former times no denying that, than I would lose my own personal quirkiness. And yes she ist totally right in that. Absolutely and a 100%. But exactly for this reason I don't want to go authentic vintage on a strict daily basis because indeed I could see my own style personality fading. But sometimes I like it. Very much so.

So all along we had been on the same page. I think what led to the misunderstanding was my "new years resolution" to have a vintagey feel every day and fully commit to vintage hair. I don't see anything wrong with tweaking your style every now and then. At the moment I feel so attracted to the 40s because of the elegance. And yes elegance is newish to me. The late 50s and early 60s will propably always be my favourite area and the most flattering to my body and hair shape. They are much more "me" but I can still have a dabble in other eras too, can't I? Who knows maybe in a few years time I am suddenly very interested in the 20s or 30s - which I am not so much at the moment.

There is one very important reason why this is all being so broadcasted at the moment. I still breastfeed my son but I don't have to whip them out at every possible moment anymore. I also used to exclusively carry him in a sling and only recently started using a buggy. And that's the main reason - being freed of fabric slung around me or not having to dress all easy access anymore means I can explore again.
And I am SO enjoying this!


Magdarine said...

I think your style is hilarious!!!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

you're right- with time and lifestyle change, your personal style will change too. I love the 40's but lately, I've been purchasing quite a few 60's and 70's things because I just like them! I do love to go 100% authentic vintage but some days, it's not practical or I just don't feel like it! In our fashion choices, I think it's important to always do what makes you happy and what you feel the most like "yourself" in, even if it's a bit extreme. I know what you mean about the sling! I'll be adding that to my vintage wardrobe again soon!!

Lady in black said...

Good for you. IMO your style is fantastic, and you are absolutely right that having a child has a great influence on a way woman dresses herself.


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