Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Retro inspired swimwear

This morning my trusted postman brought me a very charming little packet. My much coveted swimming costume!

Months ago I have blogged HERE about this darling little swim dress from Bon Marche which costs an affordable £20. Well affordable for the average person - not so much for me. So I went - as usual - on an ebay hunt and tracked one down for less and it's as good as new! It is a size too big but never mind. I am such a sucker for navy and white polka dots I just had to have it!

The built-in cups are very bullet-bra like .....
..... and  I was delighted to see that underneath the skirt is peeking a very low cut leg line!

The high street is bursting with vintage inspired swim wear! I had a good look around and really all shops have some kind of wrap-around retro style on offer, a few stores do swim dresses. Even the leg line is cut fairly low on a lot of pieces - though the truly retro looking ones with the lowest cut legs are the priciest!

Now I need a swimming cap to preserve my set!
Again they are very easily obtainable online but as always Ebay seems to be the winner in prize. I'll either look for a yellow one or even better for a daisy one similiar to the picture below!

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My son got new trunks and floats the other week - so swimming pools here we come!


Zombie said...

Love the old school bathing suit look! :)

Tallulah May Vintage Socialite. said...

Oh you look so lovely in your adorable swimming costume and such a bargain, well done you.

Lina Sofia said...

gorgeous!!! Looks amazing on you! I'm now off to hunt for one myself! :) thanks for the tip! xx Lina

Isis said...

Really cute!


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