Friday, 24 June 2011

Breastfeeding Awareness Week

It was breastfeeding week in the UK this week and I'd like to raise awareness within the vintage blogosphere!
I know there's a lot of preaching out there but it IS a really good thing - something I am quite passionate about.

Have a look at this most fantastic video - vintage mummys doing breastfeeding burlesque! I cannot tell you how much I love the video - though I'd prefer it without the Big Brother guy!

I am an active La Leche League member - a support organisation whose praises I can't sing high enough. And there's a new exciting thing going on - in many of the Sure Start Centres across central Bedfordshire they are doing so-called Baby Brasseries - friendly drop-in groups where mummy can sit, chat and eat cake, baby or toddler can play, mummy can breastfeed without inhibition and there is always a trained peer supporter to help onsite. Have a look at your local Sure Start Centre for your weekly Baby Brasserie!

In my local one we celebrated the breastfeeding week today - several mums brought amazing bakery and yummy stuff and the staff of the centre provided the most relaxing massages for mums and babes!

Boobie cupcakes - my culinary contribution to the breastfeeding awareness week 2011

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Zombie said...

I wouldn't mind boob cupcakes! 2 of the worlds best things! :D


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