Sunday, 5 June 2011

Being a good housewife 50s girl - freebie list

Which I am so not. Capital NOT.
I hate tidying, I am chaos personified and I am really unorganised. Really.
It is on most part of my life also the cause of a lot of friction between men and me. Most important between THE man and me. Mr. Bossy.

Everey few months I make a new resolution to be more tidy and more organised. It works for a little while and then I go back to my messy ways. Like now. At the moment I have just finished cleaning all bathrooms but instead of getting on with our bedroom I decided to rather write about cleaning. Makes sense, no?

In my kitchen I have hung up 2 lists which are meant to help me get more organised during the day and week. Both are filled in with my daily or weekly chores. It's up to your guess if I really stick to them. You've propably guessed right there. I don't. But I try!

Those lists were heavily inspired by this faboulus post by Brittany of Va-Va-Voom-Vintage and the cute drawings are free images from this beautiful and ever so lovely blog. If you are interested in this list - feel free to drop me a comment and I send you a better printable version.


Lina Sofia said...

trust me I'm the most unorganised person ever! And I have tidying and washing up! Lucky we have decided that the mister will be staying home with our future children! :) x

Isis said...

I work full time and is pretty dis-qrganized as well, but I make use of and have managed to find a routine that works for me and ensure that I rarely have to spend much time houskeeping.. I use a timer and set it on 15 minutes.
First 15 minutes on stuff that needs to be done every day. I always starts with the kat's litter, then I do a quick swish in the bathroom, then I make sure the sink in the kitchen is neat. That usually means putting thing in or out of the dishwasher, so this may take the rest of the 15 minutes. If not, then I continue though the house picking up as I go.

The nest 15 minutes I do laundy. Fill a machine, fold iron and put away.

The third set of 15 minutes is where I make the most use of Flylady. She divides the house into zones and every week is dedicated to one of them, like the kitchen. There is a mail sent out every day with a particular task, like going though the fridge. I do that task and then spend the rest of the time picking up and cleaning in that particular room.

The last 15 minutes I pick something that needs to be done. More ironing or going through a wardrobe or whatever household task that is the most pressing.

My aim is to do this every day and if I don't, because the day is in complete chaos (as days sometimes are) then I do at least those first 15 minutes. But most day I do this hour and that means the house never gets too awful and I never have to spend hours of panic cleaning anymore.

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