Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Little Miss Bossy goes Facebook

I have made my blog alter ego a public figure on Facebook!
And no I haven't lost my sanity and no my 138 followers on my blog have not gone to my head. But after some timely consideration and an argument with Mr. Bossy I have come to the conclusion that I need a different platform than my private Facebook profile page to share my vintage adventures and Twitter is just not my thing. I was very lucky recently in gaining so much knowledge about what's happening in and around Bedford in vintage regards and I met - some only virtually - many new people. But that also meant that I have broken my rule to never add anyone I don't know personally (with very little exceptions I have stuck to this self applied rule for 4 years of having a Facebook account).
So there we go - I have created a public figure page which I hope you will all "like". Please do not think I have gone completely doolally in exploiting myself - it is the complete opposite I want to protect my loved ones!

The profile page is of course a brand new work in progress but to be found HERE!


pinupcandy said...

Hello, facebook is now everywhere... I know something about that

Can I ask you to vote for me in a competition:

I am No. 8

Zombie said...

Welcome to facebook! It really helps out with new traffic to the site! :D

LittleMissBossy said...

It does! :-)


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