Thursday, 12 May 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Rose-tinted Vintage Bedford

Finally I want to put the spotlight on a few local Vintage lovers and sellers. I've been keen to do this ever since I started up my blog again but as you know technology was not my friend recently (camera broke, computer broke, car broke...)

When I started researching for this series I found incredible sources in and around Bedford. Our little town is ever so vintagey, there is quite a lot going on. I embrace my mummyhood and I don't crave going out much but I do sometimes wish I had more energy and opportunity to actually check out the many vintage events at night!

But first things first! Let's begin with putting the spotlight on Kat from Rose-tinted Vintage in Bedford!

The lovely Kat manning her stall at a vintage fayre in Flitwick

Rose-tinted Vinatge is based in Bedford and they offer an array of affordable casual vintage clothing, handbags, jewellery, scarfs and lot's more!

Kat from Rose-tinted Vintage aims to make vintage clothing affordable! And it is!
You can check her events page to see at what market or fayre they are to be admired or you can also ring or e-mail and book an appointment - Kat is like Vintage on wheels, she brings it to yor house! And of course there's also Etsy!

I hope she can fulfil her dream one day and open a shop in Bedford! I'll certainly be a regular!

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Zombie said...

I love little shops like that!


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