Friday, 13 May 2011

Feeling the 50s

In the winter months I found myself strongly favouring the 40s - high waisted trousers, woolly snoods and such! But now the weather is getting warmer - albeit the sun seems to be always accompanied by a frosty breeze - I'm really feeling the 50s.
Floaty skirts and high ponytails feel ever so summery to me!

 And I realised I had never tried a certain hair do. Whereas I've been living in rolled bangs and a ponytail in the previous month or two I now really discovered this hair style for me. Ever so easy and quick and I suppose I'd do Gwen Stefani proud!

My old school Gwen Stefani hair interpretation - though currently made popular by Imelda May.

I took these pics when it was getting a bit warmer - but I had just ran out of my last pair of intact natural tights so the dark ones had to make do. They came off during the day as it was really a bit too warm like this.
I really like this outfit - this is actually a long top (New Look) worn under a linen skirt (Primark) which I hoisted up and cinched in, the cardigan (French Connection)  is a sheer thin fabric and unfortunately I have broken my beloved sweater-guard! All the items I have owned for many years.

But actually I am living in this "uniform" - I totally adore my simple white shirt and I am combining it nearly daily (I do wash it inbetween!) with various floaty skirts I have. As I still haven't won the lottery I still have to be creative with my not growing wardrobe!

The shirt is from Primark, the skirt from New Look - both items I had for ages. Here again I have pulled the skirt up and cinched it in - it does fall nice and puffy but a little too short!

Different brooch but the same outfit in a yellow variation - skirt also from Primark. And a very weird grin on my son's face!

 I am absolutely no sun worshipper, I quite like my pale skin and I really don't like baking in the sun. But I do admit a few rays of sunlight in my face do make me happier!

So let's see what the English summer brings for us!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Your style is adorable.

I'm guessing you get told you look like Julia Roberts often. :)

LittleMissBossy said...

That is a very very kind compliment, thank you very much. Someone told me this recently - I think it was my hair (like Anna Scott in Notting Hill) but I would never ever see a resemblance myself.


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