Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jumping on the bandwagon

With a jumpsuit! Now that actually calls for a bad pun...

Following fashion trends has never been my thing no matter what era or what style I prefered over the years. And jumpsuits are certainly a trend that EVERYONE seems to follow - young girls, teenagers, women, bloody everyone is wearing them. The natural thing for me would be to totally dismiss it but I have to admit I rather like them. There are so many out there it's hard to decide.

I chose one via Littlewoods - obviously because of the polkadots!

Even though a short one would be much more 40s I went for a long legged one. I wear skirts nearly all the time - frankly I 'm quite sick of them. Even though the suit is so not authentic vintage looking I think with the right hair and accessories (yes to my vintage brooch, not so much my very modern Hello Kitty watch) it has quite a nostalgic feel to it.

Suit is from Littlewoods (came with a yellow belt), so are the red wedges, I paired an old H&M t-shirt underneath and I hardly ever go out without my trusted red Primark cardigan.

The suit doesn't only look like a giant pyjama it also feels like one. It is so super comfy I don't ever want to get out of it. The downside - it is so not flattering and makes me rather look humongous around my mid area. But what the heck if I look like a whale, at least I look like a cute one!

Polkadots, victory rolls and vintage jewellery - that will do for me!


Zombie said...

love the pokadots!

Lindsay said...

Absolutely stunning!

Dayhomemama said...

I love that jumpsuit, I had a similar one back in the early 90's, it was my favourite one to wear out dancing because it was also navy blue polka dots, but it had wide legs so it almost looked like a dress. You look gorgeous as always!

Pebelle said...

i lalalalalalalove your jumpsuit. brilliant style, missy!


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