Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Outfits to fill the boring gap

It's gotten so boring on my blog it's sad!
I am back in the UK but my laptop is still down and no silver lining in these regards. That means hardly any online time and the little I get has to be divided between various course work, picture editing (a zillion pics I took in Austria), general chit chat and of course blogging. So first things first - a blog post! And as I have no time to research I'll delight you with two outfits! :-)

40s inspired playsuit by Jasmine Guinness
 I love this suit, it is the most expensive clothing item I ever bought or owned. But I bought it via Littlewoods which means no big amount of money all at once! Yay for deluding yourself! 
When it arrived in the mail order just before Christmas Mr. Bossy loved it so much on me he happily accepted the price. It is indeed quite short and daring (well at least for me it is) but despite the shortness it still has an elegance to it.

And please do not forget the true model in my house.
Le poser extraordinaire!
 Suit - Jasmine Guinness via Littlewoods (not available anymore)
Shoes - Peacocks (years ago)
Cardigan - Primark (dito)
Bag - Marks & Spencers (last year)
Sweater Guard - Ebay
Snood - homemade

I particularily like the Gerbera, my favourite flowers, print.
Very punchy colours!

And here a land girl inspired outfit.
I really like knitted tank tops - I've had a few sitting in my wardrobe for years but hardly ever wore them. They certainly get their wear now! I also do a similar version of this outfit in grey/pink.

Trousers - Marks & Spencers via Ebay
Shirt - Pimkie in Austria (about 10 years ago)
Tank - Primark (few years ago)
Snood - homemade

What a failure to try to photograph my hair and my black snood. Blame the toddler who made me laugh.

These little lovelies I bought in Austria (at Deichmann) a few weeks ago. I love them! They were cheap as chips, have exactly the look I wanted and the heel is so reasonably low that they are comfortable for the whole day!

You may have noticed my new brooch. This was actually a birthday present my great aunt gave to my mum many years ago. She doesn't know what era it exactly came from but it certainly matches my growing collection. I hope my great aunt doesn't mind - I love it and wear it a lot!

And talking about family heirloom - as you know my nan recently passed away and I brought a few treasures (treasured by my heart and by my vintage loving eye) with me. But this one is my true precious. I inherited her seal ring with my grandad's - her late husband's - family's coat of arms. My mother and aunts all have one as well and my nan would always say I'd get one for my 18th birthday. I suppose because suddenly so many grandchildren appeared in the family or maybe because my grandad got ill around my 18th birthday and died the following year we never talked about this again. So I was very touched when I inherited her very own ring. And it fits like a glove.
Which is a stupid saying by the way because I have such tiny hands - no glove ever fits me. Unless it's a child's glove.

My true precious

I have just discovered photoscape. Indeed I don't know what I am doing yet but you can see I already had some more fun with these pics than with boring old Picasa. It will take me a little while to get the hang of it but I'll get there!


islandgirl said...

I love that first outfit, you look amazing! You completed the look perfectly with the hair and makeup also. And your little one is so cute!

Kitty said...

Love the first outfit, its toally gorgeous and I wouldn't be able to resist it either!

Candy said...

Yes the first outfit is lovely - not sure about the overposing though..... not so keen on the second... dont think it suits you as much... would like to see the pink and grey ( or tip..wear a better bra...constructive criticism )

Lady in black said...

I miss your posts, please write more often. I also like the first outfit very much. And shoes are fabulous. I must visit Deichmann :)

LittleMissBossy said...

Thank you ladies!

@Candy - I agree the second outfit is not the most flattering as I have just gained a bit of weight but I guess regarding the bra I can only opt for surgery or live with it :-)
The overposing was just a bit of fun Mr. Bossy requested as our Bossy junior found it so funny. Oh well, I don't do that all the time :-)

Candy said...

Hi - it's always nice to get a reply to comments - so many bloggers don't do that. I stumbled across your blog when I was researching vintage style. And from what I read you seemed like the sort of woman who can take constructive criticism and clearly you can :) I will keep reading though if that's Ok with you - it's very interesting!, you write very well :)

Lady in black said...

In my opinion you have beautiful pin up shaped body :) Don't even think about plastic surgery and be proud of what you have!
And there are bras designed especially for girls with bigger breasts. Maybe you will try one of them, not only because of good look, but also it can help your back and spine.

Jitterbugdoll said...

I love that playsuit--the print looks so pretty on you! I agree that it was worth the splurge :-)

Cinquefoil said...

Just found your blog and WOW such lovely stuff you have here! Shall indeed be popping in for more. :)

pharmacy said...

It's a witty idea and I really like your thoughts and styles. I just can't believe this lovely blog, by the way, it'd be fine if you can add something about the 60's pants and brands... I'll be able to read it!

viagra online said...

I think that you are really beautiful, you still looking like a young girl, you are really fashionable !


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