Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pop pop popppppp art

I am certainly no true aficionado of the fine arts but I am also no unaware rookie. I have grown up surrounded by art as my dad is a fine arts photographer and an amateur fine art historian (knowledge comes with the job). Art nouveau was the most appreciated art form and era in our house. I completely disregarded it as a child or a teen, my love for art nouveau awoke much later.

When I was a teenie I discovered pop art for myself and fell in love with it. The vibrant colours, the bold statements, the cheekyness - I admired everything about it and always considered it very me. These days I am much calmer and I like to spread my tastes in my house. It's not only a colourful explosion of pop art with some 50s pin-ups in between, I like to dabble in a lot of eras. I adore art nouveau, I like art deco, I adore pop art and I also really worship vintage kitsch and modern Kawaii. So a mix of all these is me or my interior!

And when I realised that there's currently a Mel Ramos and Roy Lichtenstein exhibition in Vienna I just had to go. No I ran. 
Both artists mean a lot to me and my personal history. Earlier today I stood in front of one of the nearly life size big candy coloured naked pin-ups of Mel Ramos and I just smiled at her. She really made me happy, I wanted to touch her, stroke her. I know that sounds a bit iffy but you know what I mean, don't cha?

Unfortunately two of my favourite Ramos images were missing in the exhibition. Amongst lots others, but those I personally missed as I had them up my wall in my very first flat donkeys years ago.

Roy Lichtenstein inspired art you can find everywhere all over the world. And I always loved him. I cannot tell you why but he is certainly amongst my top 5 artists.

Again my favourite work by him was not shown.

I had planned to elaborate much more on the two artists but quite honestly I am really beat. And I don't want to miss blogging all the time. So there you go. I had a lovely time today as my dad looked after my son and my middle sister accompanied me in enjoying the exhibition. Just the two of us. Great feeling!

I've been very lucky in recent years with exhibitions in Vienna. There are always tons all around the year but I seem to catch my favs. Last year I went to see Alphonse Mucha, another one of my top 5. How I loved it!

Evening - by Mucha. I bought a print in Muchas hometown Prague years ago and still haven't had it framed!

So next year I expect de Lempicka, Vargas or Elvgren. Got it? 

Tamara de Lempicka's self portrait
Pin-up girl by Alberto Vargas  
The Fence - by Gil Elvgren
And talking about Gil Elvgren - in the museum gift shop I snatched up the Gil Elvgren Taschen Anniversary book. It contains all his illustrations and frankly it left me speechless. I did not know all his work and it's beyond beauty. I love it. I was surprised by the size of the book, judging from the Amazon pic and prize I assumed it was pocket-ish in size!

I am already half in my pjs and I look quite  tired. But I really liked my hair today. And the book :-)
So people in Vienna - if you have not done so yet go and see Mel Ramos and Roy Lichtenstein at the Albertina. The're on until May!                              

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