Saturday, 14 January 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

I love my elaborate hair dos and I love my berets - but funnily enough I don't like berets on elaborate hair dos. Well at least not on my head. Whenever I try to put my berets further back behind my ears it just doesn't look right on me - to me. And my ears get cold!

So during the very cold days I am very happy to ditch the hair styling and just plonk a beret on my head. The school-run is also much more on time that way :-)

Moustache-pin on my beloved grey beret - I made it. Watch this space - soon to be on sale!

For the New Year I made the superficial resolution not to buy so many polka dotted garments anymore - I own so many! But this LOVELY dress I bought just after Christmas - didn't count then!

Digging brown accessories at the moment - I am all in love with this black polka dotted very comfortable dress.

I am also very much in love with the beehive currently! And yes same dress again!

Practice makes perfect - I still need a little while to get ready when sporting a beehive but I get faster every time. I crocheted myself some padding and yes there's a giant moustache in my hair. I told you - watch this space!

When I was around 17 I was totally into the late 60s - very short black and white dresses, big round dangly earrings, bouffant hair, the make-up and big big knee high boots - but these days it's the early 60s that make my heart beat faster. 
Watching my current favourite series Pan Am certainly inspired me!


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