Monday, 10 October 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Sarah's Doo-Wop-Dos

A 2 months hiatus and then 2 blog posts in a day? 
 Ladies get your smelling salts out!

 You've heard about Sarah before - she's also the owner of 4th time round curiosity shop (blogged about HERE) and you've seen her amazing work in my previous post. Sarah is my personal vintage guru in Bedford. If you want something, need something, like something - she will know or probably possess it. She's one colourful and great lady!

Her newest venture is a vintage hairstyling business - Sarah's Doo-Wop-Do's. Specialising in the 40s, 50s and 60s she can also cover all other eras and has great experience with psychobilly style and synthetic dreads.

 One of the most squee-worthy events in Bedford recently was the start of a vintage Shop - Rose-tined Vintage has opened it's doors (blog post to follow) and Sarah has her own little hairstyling booth in the shop. It looks so pretty and like so much fun you want to move into the little booth!

Sarah's flyers
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
The booth in Rose-tinted vintage
The gorgeous lady herself

Have a look at more of her work - Sarah's Doo-Wop-Dos

You can find Sarah at the Rose-tinted Vintage shop (4 Clair Court, Bedford) every Saturday. Book appointments there Saturdays between 10am - 5pm, other times by request.

Styling prices:
Just victory rolls £10
Simple full vintage do £15
Vintage up do £20 (but price will depend on complexity of style)
You can always email a picture of a style you'd like her to re-create.

Email Sarah at for more details or to make a booking or just pop in and see her one Saturday!

She's also holding a vintage hairstyling workshop this Thursday the 13th - there's only one place left, so hurry if you are interested!


iservepharmacy said...

Is pretty cool because is kind of hard to find old stuff for a good prices in markets, the blog is very interesting also because i feel like in my times 30 years ago, I'm 50 right now, and I can remember those times clearly like if they were yesterday.

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