Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summer's definitely gone!

We've changed to winter time, it's November and I'm gearing up towards Christmas. So why not show you some summer outfits! 
Obvious, no? 

Well being such a lazy blogger over the summer months I have collected a few outfit pics and I thought why not share. Some of these are "new" to me and some I have owned for years. 

Sweet playsuit bought via Ebay - it's an American brand and a size to big but it's so cute anyway. I assume it's 80s does retro but it's a good quality, cotton and is really comfortable to wear. I did start wearing it with brown accessories but do now prefer it with blue shoes, belt and scarf.
My favourite of my "uniform" - white fitted shirt and a floaty skirt. I have owned both for many years, the scarf and the pin used to be my nans.
My most favourite purchase of the summer - 80s does retro, cotton, nautical and it has pockets. My heart skips a beat any time I see a dress with pockets! I bought it via Ebay for less than £5 and it's actually a Burberrys dress. I don't care about this but I was surprised by the seller not advertising this. My luck!
Going incognito on one of the few very hot days. Dress I have shown many times, hat is from Primark.
And this is the lovliest surprise of my summer outfits - Mr. Bossy runs a homeless shelter and gets lots of donations. Somehow I never managed to have a look at the stuff (because many grannies just dump their vintage wardrobe there) - but one warm summer day Mr. Bossy came home with these charming culottes - he saw polka dots, had to think of his darling Bossy girl, gave a donation and they are now mine!


TheBlackPinafore said...

black and yellow the best =)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You are scrumptious in every shot.

Mr Bossy is a very good (and lucky)man. :)

Bunny Moreno said...

You look beautiful in every shot!! xox Bunny



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