Thursday, 31 May 2012

Confessions of a drama queen

It's been half a year since I have blogged. 6 flippin' months. Such a long time that the changes here on blogger are totally alien to me. Help! 
In these 6 months so much has happened and I wasn't ready to share. I have a tendency of playing austrich during a depression. But I suppose it's time to get my head out of the sand. 2012 should have been a great year and it started great but soon after my life had come crashing down on me. So many times I had wanted to share on here and wrote mental novels but in the end I never did. And now I don't want to write a novel about it and take apart every single bit of emotion.  So just the very short version - Mr. Bossy had cancelled our wedding.
The important thing is - we've made it through and we are still together albeit not married. I don't think we've yet come out the other end but we're on our way there. We've caused my family a lot of hurt and financial trouble and inconvenience with the cancellation and we were both truly sorry for this. But it was something he had to do and I have come to understand why and I also think in the longer run it was for the better.

Another thing that had been depressing me for the past 6 months is a flippin' chronic allergic eye infection and eczema and/or psoriasis. For half a year now I've been wearing full time glasses. Granted they are fantastic glasses from Dead Men's Spex but no make-up. Or hardly ever. And if I wore make-up I'd regret it soon because it drives me frickin' crazy. After many appointments at the GPs and a long wait for a referral I finally have an appointment with the eye clinic in hospital in about a weeks time. Yay! Am still waiting for a referral for allergy testing and the dermatologists....

It is so very boring not to wear make-up. Hair spray is also a no no for me these days. Hence my decision to cut a fringe so I can leave my hair down just like that and still look how I like to look. It also covers up the alopecia caused by the eczema/psoriasis. I now feel like Rachel Berry off Glee - with my pretty mostly polka dotted dresses, alice bands and long straight hair and a fringe (bangs). Certainly got a nose to match hers!

Ok enough moaning done. I do hope my superficial vain problems will be sorted soon - the Twinwoods event is happening in the very near future and this year I've entered the beauty pageant. Purely to pick my moany old vain self up. So girlies - I'd be really grateful if you'd vote for me. You have to like the Twinwoods Event page first (that's a condition so votes count) and then like my pic. Thank you so much!

Having finally updated my blog feels really good! Really really good! Soon more to come!


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Oh, welcome back, I've missed you!! I'm so sorry to hear about all of the things you've been going though these past several months. How awful! We've all been "there" in one way or another and like they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and believe me, it' true! I hope that these next 6 months are easier on you and if they aren't, you can always cry on m shoulder, sweetie! By the way, I think your hair and skin looks fantastic in that pic! The fringe really does suit you!! You got my vote :) x Brittany
Va-Voom Vintage

louisa said...

aww hunni sorry to hear of the health issues youve had recently, but im glad its being sorted an everything will be ok. also sorry to hear the bad news on the wedding front. I hope you and your partner come through it once and for all and everything will be back to normal, a happy miss bossy!! good luck with your votes, ive voted for you :)

take care xloux

louisa said...

aww hunni sorry to hear of the health issues youve had recently, but im glad its being sorted an everything will be ok. also sorry to hear the bad news on the wedding front. I hope you and your partner come through it once and for all and everything will be back to normal, a happy miss bossy!! good luck with your votes, ive voted for you :)

take care xloux

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You have been missed. *tight hug*

Sorry you have had a tough time, but yay to you and your other half for getting through the hard stuff. Marriage is never easy, no matter which side of it you are (before or after the wedding).

You are still gorgeous as ever and I am DYING to hear/see all the pagent glory.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

You are a strong, forward thinking young woman. You will be fine, probably even better--
Your other issues could very easily be a form of "stress" but since your doing all you should on that front, I know I'll be reading that your fine real soon !
Best always--Sierra Sue

Kathleen Lisson said...

Good luck!

Erika Barbato said...

cool photos.

Deriniti said...

i'm a new follower, sorry to hear about your rough year. i took a break from blogging aswell due to my own 2012 drama, but have been getting back into it now. wish you the best, God Bless.

Living Vintage said...

Welcome back. I am excited to see you back on. I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I too have eczema, asthma, and allergies and so does one of my sons (although luckily no asthma). I understand about depression and not blogging as I have been blogging a bit less myself some of it is just plain old way too busy but also sometimes not motivated. Keep up your blogging and i will try to keep up mine as well :)

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more coming soon

lol yeah right.. 2 years ago

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