Monday, 27 December 2010

Round two!

Nearly a year has passed and I have let my blog die down. Why? Well I don't know why exactly.

It became a bit of a chore, posting wasn't as much fun anymore. What started off as a pregnancy diary for my friends and family back home in Austria soon turned into quite a crafting blog with a pinch of baking in it. After a while I just couldn't keep up with other blogs I had the urge to compete with. Silly I know.

So what now? Now I will just go back to the original intention - my little self needs a vehicle for showcasing my vanity. Those of you who know me know I am an exhibitionist at heart and the blog is just the ideal tool for this, isn't it?
Here's my dilemma - do I post in English or German or both again? I tell you what I'll stick to English for now, you all understand and frankly I don't care much about writing everything twice again.

So what will it be about now? Didn't I make myself clear? Moi, it will be about moi! About the things I love, the things I do, the things I make and this time round I will incorporate much more vintage and fashion.

So on that note I'll promise you lot's of pictures and less waffling in the next post!


Immertreu said...

Ja hallo zurück! Schön!
Alles Liebe,Ela

Lenas Chaoswelt said...

oh, schön, dass du wieder da bist....
liebe grüße,

Bernadette said...

Erst einmal eine Rüge von mir: Bitte melden!!! Ich habe ein paar Fragen wegen BLW (wenn man das so abkürzt) bitte schreib mir ein Mail ( oder meine andere Adresse)! Aber bitte noch bevor Maggie mit Gabel und Messer isst ;)))
Freu mich sehr nun hoffentlich auf diesem Wege wieder mehr von dir zu hören und zu sehen, bin gespannt!!!

frauniepi said...

oh wie schön! you are back.

Anonymous said...

Awwww cool :)
Welcome back.

LittleMissBossy said...

Oh danke euch allen.

Betty Mail ist geschickt :-)


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