Thursday, 31 May 2012

Confessions of a drama queen

It's been half a year since I have blogged. 6 flippin' months. Such a long time that the changes here on blogger are totally alien to me. Help! 
In these 6 months so much has happened and I wasn't ready to share. I have a tendency of playing austrich during a depression. But I suppose it's time to get my head out of the sand. 2012 should have been a great year and it started great but soon after my life had come crashing down on me. So many times I had wanted to share on here and wrote mental novels but in the end I never did. And now I don't want to write a novel about it and take apart every single bit of emotion.  So just the very short version - Mr. Bossy had cancelled our wedding.
The important thing is - we've made it through and we are still together albeit not married. I don't think we've yet come out the other end but we're on our way there. We've caused my family a lot of hurt and financial trouble and inconvenience with the cancellation and we were both truly sorry for this. But it was something he had to do and I have come to understand why and I also think in the longer run it was for the better.

Another thing that had been depressing me for the past 6 months is a flippin' chronic allergic eye infection and eczema and/or psoriasis. For half a year now I've been wearing full time glasses. Granted they are fantastic glasses from Dead Men's Spex but no make-up. Or hardly ever. And if I wore make-up I'd regret it soon because it drives me frickin' crazy. After many appointments at the GPs and a long wait for a referral I finally have an appointment with the eye clinic in hospital in about a weeks time. Yay! Am still waiting for a referral for allergy testing and the dermatologists....

It is so very boring not to wear make-up. Hair spray is also a no no for me these days. Hence my decision to cut a fringe so I can leave my hair down just like that and still look how I like to look. It also covers up the alopecia caused by the eczema/psoriasis. I now feel like Rachel Berry off Glee - with my pretty mostly polka dotted dresses, alice bands and long straight hair and a fringe (bangs). Certainly got a nose to match hers!

Ok enough moaning done. I do hope my superficial vain problems will be sorted soon - the Twinwoods event is happening in the very near future and this year I've entered the beauty pageant. Purely to pick my moany old vain self up. So girlies - I'd be really grateful if you'd vote for me. You have to like the Twinwoods Event page first (that's a condition so votes count) and then like my pic. Thank you so much!

Having finally updated my blog feels really good! Really really good! Soon more to come!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

I love my elaborate hair dos and I love my berets - but funnily enough I don't like berets on elaborate hair dos. Well at least not on my head. Whenever I try to put my berets further back behind my ears it just doesn't look right on me - to me. And my ears get cold!

So during the very cold days I am very happy to ditch the hair styling and just plonk a beret on my head. The school-run is also much more on time that way :-)

Moustache-pin on my beloved grey beret - I made it. Watch this space - soon to be on sale!

For the New Year I made the superficial resolution not to buy so many polka dotted garments anymore - I own so many! But this LOVELY dress I bought just after Christmas - didn't count then!

Digging brown accessories at the moment - I am all in love with this black polka dotted very comfortable dress.

I am also very much in love with the beehive currently! And yes same dress again!

Practice makes perfect - I still need a little while to get ready when sporting a beehive but I get faster every time. I crocheted myself some padding and yes there's a giant moustache in my hair. I told you - watch this space!

When I was around 17 I was totally into the late 60s - very short black and white dresses, big round dangly earrings, bouffant hair, the make-up and big big knee high boots - but these days it's the early 60s that make my heart beat faster. 
Watching my current favourite series Pan Am certainly inspired me!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas is over - Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fabulous christmas!
I was indeed spoilt and spent the day with people I love - and even though I should have spent this year back home in Austria it was still a magical day with the in-laws here in the UK.

Again I have not much time - the small one is stirring and waking up so just a quick post to show you my fabulous frocks I wore on Christmas and Boxing Day - both dresses I have swapped for a gorgeous coat that didn't fit me with my friend Sarah. I love the dresses!

Christmas Day in a green wool dress - I felt very christmassy! And yes there's a birdie coming out of my head!
80s does 40s - totally overdressed on Boxing Day. But I loved it anyway. :-)
Could have done a better job with hair photos though - just rubbish phone pics in the dark hallway...

The upcoming year will be a big one for me - not only will I become Mrs. Bossy and finally get married but I also have a wee little business venture going on. The young Bossy will start proper school which means I will actually brave full time work life again and I also hope that we can add to the family with a baby Bossy. And in terms of vanity I have 4 photoshoots coming up in the first half of the year - plus an engagement and a wedding shoot. Having a bit of an age crisis I do admit that it's good for my ego :-)
I may also get my laptop going again and dive into proper blogging - now that would be something!

I wish you all a wonderful 2012!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Calendar girl again!

Can't belive it's over a month - my last blog post! 
We've been ill on an endless spiral or busy with nativity plays, christmas stuff - etc. etc. I hardly have any online time (apart from 24/7 on my phone :-))!

Hence my lack of posting and spreading the great news that I had the privilege to be a calendar girl once more. I won a voting in November via Facebbok for Pin-Ups in Pinnies - check out their blog, I am currently Pin-Up of the month!

(c) Jez Brown Photography - the pic that won the votes for the Pin-Ups in Pinnies calendar 2013

(c) Jez Brown Photography - the pic featured in the Reckless Girl Calendar 2012

In the new year I will be invited to a photoshoot for a calendar for 2013. Exciting! 
It's Pin-Ups in pinnies - so I am sure it will include pinnies and some sort of baking! Very me indeed!
And quite coincidentally I will be Miss December again - the second pic above is featured in the Reckless Girl Calendar 2012 (now available at Rose-tinted Vintage) as Miss December! 

December is clearly my month! 
It's all the good Christmas Karma - because I love Christmas so much! (she says and is seriously lacking the spirit this year...)

Not the newest news anymore I know and a shame I couldn't post earlier - but I am still very excited about it!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Swing dancing for charity

I have very little braincells left over that are not covering anything child related. Normally those few ones left are taken up by my hair and this blog but currently they are totally consumed by my wedding planning. So I totally forgot to promote this great event happening tomorrow on the 11th of November!

Swing dancing for charity at the Addison Centre in Kempston near Bedford!
Have a dance, browse some vintage clothing and have your hair done (by Sarah's Doo-Wop Dos of course!) and get your pic taken in the 40s style photo booth!
For tickets contact:
Project 229: 01234 840 880
Grace: 01234 851 508

Sadly I can't make it but it sounds like so much fun!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Want to win a Fleur dress?

Would you like to win a most beautiful Daisy Chain Fleur dress?
(it is actually my fave of all Fleur dresses)

AND this gorgeous matching jewellery?

Fleur Dress

Hop over to Heydays GIVE AWAY!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summer's definitely gone!

We've changed to winter time, it's November and I'm gearing up towards Christmas. So why not show you some summer outfits! 
Obvious, no? 

Well being such a lazy blogger over the summer months I have collected a few outfit pics and I thought why not share. Some of these are "new" to me and some I have owned for years. 

Sweet playsuit bought via Ebay - it's an American brand and a size to big but it's so cute anyway. I assume it's 80s does retro but it's a good quality, cotton and is really comfortable to wear. I did start wearing it with brown accessories but do now prefer it with blue shoes, belt and scarf.
My favourite of my "uniform" - white fitted shirt and a floaty skirt. I have owned both for many years, the scarf and the pin used to be my nans.
My most favourite purchase of the summer - 80s does retro, cotton, nautical and it has pockets. My heart skips a beat any time I see a dress with pockets! I bought it via Ebay for less than £5 and it's actually a Burberrys dress. I don't care about this but I was surprised by the seller not advertising this. My luck!
Going incognito on one of the few very hot days. Dress I have shown many times, hat is from Primark.
And this is the lovliest surprise of my summer outfits - Mr. Bossy runs a homeless shelter and gets lots of donations. Somehow I never managed to have a look at the stuff (because many grannies just dump their vintage wardrobe there) - but one warm summer day Mr. Bossy came home with these charming culottes - he saw polka dots, had to think of his darling Bossy girl, gave a donation and they are now mine!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Little Miss Bossy becomes a calendar girl!

I have told you all about Jez Brown Photography HERE

But I also promised you my first collaboration with him and here they are - the pics! 
Yesterday I got told that one of them made the cut to be in the Reckless Girls Calendar 2012 - say hello to Miss December! 
Be surprised which pic will be featured! 

At my ripe old age of 32 I am ridiculously excited about this!

(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography

I am wearing a lot of my own wardrobe but some (especially the fabulous hat) is the stylists own - and who was the stylist? Of course Sarah's Doo-Wop-Dos - to be read about HERE!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Home is where the vintage heart is - Sarah's Doo-Wop-Dos

A 2 months hiatus and then 2 blog posts in a day? 
 Ladies get your smelling salts out!

 You've heard about Sarah before - she's also the owner of 4th time round curiosity shop (blogged about HERE) and you've seen her amazing work in my previous post. Sarah is my personal vintage guru in Bedford. If you want something, need something, like something - she will know or probably possess it. She's one colourful and great lady!

Her newest venture is a vintage hairstyling business - Sarah's Doo-Wop-Do's. Specialising in the 40s, 50s and 60s she can also cover all other eras and has great experience with psychobilly style and synthetic dreads.

 One of the most squee-worthy events in Bedford recently was the start of a vintage Shop - Rose-tined Vintage has opened it's doors (blog post to follow) and Sarah has her own little hairstyling booth in the shop. It looks so pretty and like so much fun you want to move into the little booth!

Sarah's flyers
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
The booth in Rose-tinted vintage
The gorgeous lady herself

Have a look at more of her work - Sarah's Doo-Wop-Dos

You can find Sarah at the Rose-tinted Vintage shop (4 Clair Court, Bedford) every Saturday. Book appointments there Saturdays between 10am - 5pm, other times by request.

Styling prices:
Just victory rolls £10
Simple full vintage do £15
Vintage up do £20 (but price will depend on complexity of style)
You can always email a picture of a style you'd like her to re-create.

Email Sarah at for more details or to make a booking or just pop in and see her one Saturday!

She's also holding a vintage hairstyling workshop this Thursday the 13th - there's only one place left, so hurry if you are interested!

Home is where the vintage heart is - Jez Brown Photography

Call me Phoenix. 
I am back blogging rising from the ashes.
Or with a little less drama - I've stopped sulking and I'm getting on with it.

In the past year I've gotten to know the vintage scene in Bedford and the quite exciting members of this circle. Jez Brown is one of them.

Being hooked on all things American already as a child - like comics and Happy Days  (I am not getting the theme song out of my head now!) he fell in love with the 50s very early on.
In his youth he was heavily involved in the psychobilly scene (one of my regrets - something I never knew of and would have loved in my youth) and up to this day he is a huge supporter of rockabilly music and organises quite a few music events in Bedford. 

He is also a selftaught pin-up photographer who created the world of "Reckless Girls" - they are his take on a pin-up and vintage loving community in Bedford. And the community is thriving!
For the upcoming year he'll bring out a Reckless Girls calendar!

(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography
(c) Jez Brown Photography

Recently I also had the pleasure to work with Jez - it was really good fun with a very pretty outcome - will share very soon.

Have a look at his photography - Jez Brown Photography and Reckless Girls.

If you would like to book a session prices start as litte as £25 per hour and negotiable editing rates. If you'd like to have a stylist, he can organise Sarah's Doo-Wop-Do's who did all the styling and hair on the pictures shown. I will blog about her and her prices very shortly. Hair accessories are by Lil' Mischief - and again, I am repeating myself, will blog about it soon.

Contact Jez -


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