Monday, 18 February 2008

As the pregnancy goes on!

The first few months:

I was very lucky not to suffer from morning sickness. I did feel queazy occasionally and mostly I felt faint and dizzy as soon as I got hotter or smelt something strong.
Today I still struggle not to faint when I get too warm or smell something funny. The joys of pregnancy!

The most bizarre reaction I still found my sudden food cravings and most of all what I WOULDN'T eat anymore... Well I guess your body does tell you what you need and what you certainly don't!
Thank god my body still seems to think that we do need chocolate :-)

Being very very tired was the most annoying thing in the first months. Apart from the 8 hours I worked I literally slept all the time. Poor Ryan had to feed himself with all sorts of junk food! What a shame! :-)

All my girlfriends who've experienced pregnancy (which is not too many so far) told me by the 4th month I will have all my energy back AND more!
Well I am still waiting for that!
I may not be so extremely tired than before but energy I can't call that :-)

By now I am 19 weeks (5 months) pregnant and obviously showing!
And I feel fine!

A picture update from last week when I was 18 weeks along!

The Pea

From the beginning Ryan called our little offspring the "Pea" (as we are together - of course - the Princess and the Pea). So therefore in my family the name "Erbse" was created!

The pea at 13 weeks - sporting a very proud 6cm. By now he/she must be about 3 times that size!

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