Friday, 15 February 2008

Hello to me in the bloggers world!

Self advertising on the internet!
MySpace - yes I've been there, done that, burned the T-shirt.
Facebook - yes I've been there aswell and I've done that - and I am still!
So do I really need a blog? Well the world has never enough of me I have just decided! Who am I talking to? So far no one will read this apart from 2 other people I know with blogs on here :-) Do I keep writing in English even though my mothertounge is so österreichisch und nix anderes? Well posting in both languages I guess is even too much for me.
We'll see!
Anyway before my sweet other half comes home and demands his legitimate place in front of the computer I will post my creative outbursts.
This week I can only offer my bright red and very healthy looking
valentines cake - which I obviously made yesterday.

Unfortunately the previous years have seen more precision in my valentines baking!

Most important it had to be RED! :-)

And it was yummy!

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