Thursday, 21 February 2008

Being a baby elephant

Weight gain so far: 3.6kg!
Not bad I'd say - but I'm pretty sure it won't stay like that :-)

Thank god my scale remembers the weight for a minute or so! :-)


Tonight we're finally picking up the car we've bought a little while ago. But that means I have to drive as the mister doesn't have a drivers licence!

The little car is an old Corsa we've taken over from Ryans cousin - we promised him to carry on the loving name purple turtle :-)

So tomorrow I guess I will take a lesson to at least try to get used to the strange way of driving here. They drive on the other side in case you haven't noticed yet!!! :-)


crisl said...

huhu,einen süßen blog hast du hier :)

Bernadette said...

Tolle Cartoons und das mit dem Fahren wird schon werden (kann mich noch dunkel an Fahrübungen mit Sasó am AGM-Parkplatz erinnern, das muss doch geholfen haben ;)!


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