Monday, 3 March 2008

A few trophys!

At the moment I don't really get to update much on here - but a litle picture reminder that I am steadily getting bigger!

These pics were taken a week ago when I was in week 20!
On Friday the 29th Ryan could feel with his hands on my tummy the baby kick for the first time!
He was so excited and all choked up!

On Saturday we went to the big babyshow in London and thanks to the generousity of Ryans Mum and Nan we finally bought stuff for the little one!

As we decided on re-usable real nappies we got some très chic waterproof wraps for the nappy-botty and some ecological friendly disosable ones for trips.
I also got my beloved Didymos sling (which I so wanted!!) and 2 sleeping bags (note on one the pea in the pod print). I found a lovely little cooking book for organic babyfood and some freezer-trays (time to get a freezer then, ey? :-))
And Ryan fell in love with that adorable red suit for the winter - it does remind me of Kasimir from Hallo Spencer....

When we came back we found Ryan's youngest sister with her school project - a computerised babydoll which she had to take care of for the whole weekend! The cyborg baby has sensors which recognise her as a "parent" (she was wearing a wristband with a chip) and it cried every few hours for the usual stuff - feeds, nappy change, cuddles. It even woke her several times a night!

Ryan had a training go with the little cyborg :-)


Bernadette said...

Süüüüüße Sachen!!! Und süßer Bauch!
Finde ich toll, dass ihr euch an Mehrwegwindeln wagt! Und organisches Babyessen - eßt ihr auch organisch?
Schau einmal auf: - wenn du ein bisschen durchstöberst findest du dort ganz tolle Sachen über Rituale, Erziehung, Stillen,...
von einer ganz lieben "Waldorflerin" (ich symphatisiere ja ein insgeheim damit).
Und ein Tipp: Wenig Spielzeug, dafür wirklich gutes - du wirst sehen, dass zahlt sich aus.

Selina said...

This is great info to know.


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