Sunday, 23 March 2008

It's easter sunday!

Yesterday I managed to convince Ryan NOT to buy these overpackaged easter eggs!
Well it also helped that at 5 in the afternoom just before the shops closed hardly any eggs where left over :-)
So I whipped up emergency easter-baskets!
We found in the supermarket little flower-buckets and I had enough easter left overs from last year to make something! I had lot's of coulourful tissuepaper at home to line the buckets and luckily we found some little chocolate eggs in the supermarket which I filled in the bottom, I baked some bunny heads again and decorated the bucket with all the easter bits and bobs I could find in my left overs-bag - pipe cleaners can come in handy for making all kinds of stuff!

So here we have easter-baskets for Ryans mum, his 3 sisters and little Ella (including a pig we bought :-))
Unfortunately it was quite late last night when I finished - so the pics are dark and not the best quality.

1 comment:

Bernadette said...

Liebe Ostergrüße an die liebe Pia!
Die Hasen sind toll geworden! viel toller als im supermarkt gekaufte!
Du hast beim Mädls-Abend gefehlt!
Die jeanette war übrigens nicht dabei. Sag, stimmt das mit der Dani???


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