Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mr. Pea/Happy Easter!

Finally I have a picture uploaded!
So I proudly present Mr. Pea!

Happy Easter everyone!

This year the Easter time has gone completely past me...
But maybe subconciously I've been boycotting it because Easter is just HORRIBLE here!
For some strange reason people here don't seem to realise that you can actually make Easter eggs from REAL eggs. Everything is plastic or chocolate (ok not always a bad thing :-)).
But the typical British Easter egg is ever so bizarre to me - it is one plain chocolate egg of course foil wrapped and then in the strangest way packaged in a huge plastic protection thing and then in an even bigger box. Sometimes there's another chocolate goodie with it.

I absolutely don't understand why these overpackaged square boxes are Easter-like in any way.

Last year my little sister Mimi and a friend were here and I had my Easter egg decorating enjoyment with them!
Well this year on my own I didn't bother - just because I kept on dreaming of my new little Easter bunny helper I will have next year!
Then we will show these funny Brits how to blow out an egg and decorate it properly and beautifully!! :-)

But I had to do at least something this year - so for todays Easter food day at work I baked "Osterpinzen" as bunny heads :-)

1 comment:

Immertreu said...

Ultraschallbilder sind doch echt die Krönung,ich fand das immer super,endlich kann man sie mal sehen,und alles ist dran! Dein Kleiner hat ein schönes Profil!
Dieser Plastik Osterkram sieht wirklich nicht besonders österlich aus...wir wär es mit ein paar rot-weiß gepunkteten Eiern? *G


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