Thursday, 6 March 2008

GaGam GaGam

Just came back from my midwifes appointment!
Our pea is such an active little thing so that the midwife had a really hard time chasing the bugger for it's heartbeat!
I could feel it moving away from the device and the midwife leaping after the sound to get the right direction where it went off to!

Reminded me strongly of the scene in the movie Matrix when they try tracking down the worm bug in Neos tummy :-))

But for a few seconds she got it and everything seems to be fine!
Though from estimating the uterine size the baby seems to be 2 weeks bigger than the actual 21 weeks I am.
Hooray... I've got to push out a biggie....

Today was also my work colleagues last day. Leyla is 36 weeks pregnant and now officially on her maternity leave. In her honour we held a little food day at work and I made some blueberry and raspberry muffins with an appropriate blue and pink sugarcoating. As she doesn't know what her Junior is: one kind for a boy and one kind for a girl! :-)

We have another colleague in our team who's pregnant!
It really does seem to be catching! :-)
So we decided to take a picture and hang it up as a warning for our maternity covers:
Health Hazard! Don't sit on this chair! It's contagious!

Leyla, 36 weeks pregnant and ready to pop, me at 21 weeks and Sally at 15 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh you beautiful pregnant women! :) Big hug from Angela in Sweden

Svea said... ja schon verrückt..ich meine ihr arbeitet alle in einer firma die fast prädistiniert dafür ist, dass man schwanger werden MUSS!! wahnsinn..ich staune nur noch!!

LittleMissBossy said...

@Angela: Thank you!

@Svea: Ja :-) Wie die Haeschen hier...

Bernadette said...

Arbeitet ihr nicht in einer VERHÜTUNGSHOTLINE/FIRMA? Ist das nicht schon geschäftsschädigend?


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