Monday, 31 January 2011

Style Icon: Kirstie Allsopp

I don't give a monkeys about real estate but I cannot stop watching various famed property programs - if they are fronted by Kirstie Allsopp. Simply because I like to gape at her frocks!

Kirstie Allsopp must be one of THE vintage icons of current day British television. No matter what she puts on she always oozes 40s or 50s glamour. Big skirts, shirt dresses or tailored suits. Not to forget an array of beautiful coats - and those killer heels she's always seen in!

Kirstie and her onscreen presenting partner Phil Spencer - I love their banter!

She's a clever woman, clearly well educated. If you don't love her for her style you have to adore her for her feistiness.

Very, very small selection of what I could find online. It is so worth watching her programs just to oogle over her outfits.

Apart from the property programs with Phil Spencer she also did Kirstie's Homemade Home in which she explored all kinds of crafting and promoted 2nd hand. Just brilliant! I also loved Kirstie and Phils homemade Christmas series a few weeks ago.

Kirstie sticks to her signature 50s lines on the red carpet. Beautiful maternity coat on the right by the way!

But  a dressed down make-up free Kirstie also exudes 50s glam


Please do excuse that there is not much more substance to this post but I am very tired, busy week behind me, busy week ahead - so no more!


Perdita said...

Did you know her 'correct' title is the Honorouble Kirsty Allsop? She's really quite posh. In a no-nonsense British 'gal-guide' way, not a spoilt-skinny-heiress way. I think she's ace!

Lina said...

Gratuliere! Wirklich netter blog... interessant geschrieben, witzig zu lesen und ab heute auch ein blog den ich öfters besuchen werde! ;-)

viele Grüße aus Paris
Lina said...

Dresses with a lot of class and elegance. Thanks for post this!


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