Thursday, 6 January 2011

Style Icon: Rita Hayworth

As I want to steer this blog in a style direction I also want to feature my very own style icons. The obvious to start with would be of course Bettie Paige, Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe or more current Gwen Stefani or Dita von Teese. Whereas I do want to post about these great ladies in the future I prefer to start with my current icon for vintage hair.

Rita Hayworth is in my opinion the most beautiful lady of the 40s. I adore her. A shy personality who went through a really peculiar make-over to achieve the looks that made her famous. I do think she was beautiful all Latina and natural but I also have to admit that the make-over did work. I find her simply perfect.

On the right a very young Rita still known as Margarita Cansino. On the left she looks already more like "herself" but I think it's still before she was finished with her infamous hairline make-over.

Much later on she also rocked blonde - and look at these victory rolls!

My favourite look - propably everyones - is Rita as a redhead. It made her really famous and she looks - flawless.

What a truly stunning beauty
Rita in her most famous role as Gilda. And the dress that was apparently only held up by "two things."

If you would like to know more about Rita here's a wonderful site with many more beautiful pictures, facts and figures:

And I leave you with her most memorable quote:
"Men fell in love with Gilda, but they wake up with me."


Aoife said...

She really was a stunner! I agree about the red hair being my favourite look!

Ex said...

She was a stunning beauty.
Sometimes i think life was much more easy in her days - well for women and men. You know what to expect ....

(and: no, we moved back to germany a couple of months ago - and i really miss england)

Pebelle said...

readhead!!! i love readheads.

xl pharmacy said...

She was so beautiful, that long red hair is so sexy.


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